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The Smurfs - Celebrating 50 Years!

The Smurfs - Celebrating 50 Years!

Would you look at this! Smurf figurines are back! Made by the Schleich company in Germany. Smurfs throughout the ages are forever changing, just like us. Each set represents a new decade, celebrating 50 years of the Smurfs! Starting with the 1960's into the 2000's. Can't wait to see what our current decade will bring to the Smurf crew in 2019. 

Product Descriptions:

2000-2009: One of the Smurfs favourite pass times is playing football; this pack of five comes with a Smurfette Cheerleader, three Smurfs ready to play and a supporter. Smurfette can always be found cheering the Smurfs on, she is often joined at the sidelines by Lazy Smurf who is too sleepy to play.

1990-1999: All the Smurfs love to run and skip around their mushroom village but some also like to keep fit and take part in sports activities. This set of five comes with a swimmer who loves to swim in the near by river, a golfer who enjoys playing on their miniature course made by Handy Smurf.

1980-1989: In this pack the Smurfs are having a wonderful time gardening, they like to keep their village looking neat and tidy. The warm and sunny climate is perfect for growing lots of sarsaparilla plants which the Smurfs love to eat.

1970-1979: Although the Smurfs are all equal in their village they have lots of different professions. This pack has five Smurfs in, each with a different line of work such as a painter and a chef. One is a doctor wearing a white coat and a stethoscope around his neck; he often prescribes a couple Smurfberries to help the poorly Smurfs recover.

1960-1969: This scene is based on an original comic first published in 1963, the black skinned Smurf has been bitten by a black fly that has turned him insane and reduced his vocabulary to one word “Gnap”. The other Smurfs are trying to catch him before he bites them on the tail and passes it on destroying Smurf civilisation.

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Ages 3+