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Glo-Glo Inkoos

Glo-Glo Inkoos

A glow-in-the-dark plush from Inkoos is sure to add excitement to playtime. Your child's creativity will shine as they decorate their Inkoos with even more colors, using the lime green, fuchsia and orange markers. After arts-and-crafts time, your child will love snuggling up with this little dog and watching the creations glow.


GloGlo Inkoos bring your designs to life - even in the dark! Like all inkoos, you can draw and decorate on them with the included washable markers. But when the lights go out, their cool glow-in-the-dark patterns are revealed! Then you can draw even more glowing designs with the special light pen! Check out the video to see how it works.

Each GloGlo inkoos includes 3 clip-on, washable markers plus the GloGlo light pen. Choose from 3 styles. Machine washable.

Price: $24.99

Looney Tunes!

Bridge Direct is bringing you a ton of cute Looney Tunes products this fall!

Looney Tunes Figure 2-Pack

Collect all the lovable characters featured in the “New Looney Tunes Show!” Each articulated sculpted figure is 3’ – 4” inches tall and they come in pairs: Bugs Bunny & Yosemite Sam, Daffy Duck & Marvin the Martian, Road Runner & Wiley Coyote, Sylvester & Tweety, Daffy Duck & Taz, Bugs Bunny & Speedy Gonzales. Be the first of your friends to own them all!

Ages: 4+


Looney Tunes Plush With Sound - Bugs Bunny

Choose from Bugs Buny, Daffy Duck, Tweety or Taz ? or get them all!! Each character is poseable and says funny and classic lines from the 'new Looney Tunes Show!? Such as Bugs will say ?What's up Doc? and Tweety will say ?I twat I taw a Tazmanian Devil!? 

Looney Tunes Jumbo Plush

Enjoy Super sized cuddles with your favorite Jumbo plush Looney Tunes Character! Take home Taz or Tweety!

Lamaze Turtle Tunes

Lamaze Turtle Tunes

What young child dosen't love a plush animal that also plays music? I know mine does. What I really love about the Lamaze Turtle Tunes are the touch sensors that allow for easy activation. My little one doesn't have to work hard to get the turtle to play music. With 4 different music modes, you won't tire of hearing the same tunes over and over.

Product Description: From the brand that introduced the best-selling Octotunes comes Lamaze Turtle Tunes, an adorable plush turtle with a brightly-colored musical shell. As baby touches the vibrant spots on the Turtle Tunes shell, different musical notes are played. While the bold colors aid in the development of baby’s vision, the musical sounds are ideal for creating auditory awareness. Lamaze Turtle Tunes features three different music modes to choose from and comes complete with a song book.

Price: $29.99

Cheeky Charlie Neck Rest

Cheeky Charlie Neck Rest

Cheeky Charlie will be your child's new travel buddy! No more floppy head when the fall asleep on car rides. That never looks comfortable!

Product Description:

This adorable Keep Me Comfy Neckrest is soft and comfortable…perfect for traveling! Children can keep comfy in the car, on the bus or train, and on plane trips with this plush neck pillow. Aurora is internationally known for quality and design. 

Available in multiple styles. Each pillow comes with a clip for hanging on a belt loop or backpack.

Ages 18 months and up.  Approx:  $10

Timmy Time Talking Yabba

Yabba and Timmy Talking Plush

Timmy’s friend Yabba has his very own Talking Plush.  Just press his tummy and Yabba can utter 6 different silly sounds. 

It's adorable and a great toy for kids to cuddle up to.

This fun Talking Plush also comes as Timmy.

HIT Entertainment & Jakks Pacific is amazing at coming out with great toys for kids!  This season is like no other.  These cute & cuddly toys are based on the new TV show. 

Retail Value around $20.