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Gomu Eraserland

Gomu Eraserland

I might just write stuff down on paper to purposly erase it now. Or just collect and save them up for when Boston starts doing his homework in a few years!

Product Description:

Introducing Gomu, the only collectible eraser with a world of fun and collectibility. Each eraser has a different Gomu point value. Gomu points let you know how rare your eraser is. The higher the point value, the more rare the eraser is. Mix and match your eraser colours or trade them with friends. The Gomu collector tool gives you information on every eraser so you know just what your collection is worth. There are 10 different themes and over 100 erasers to collect with more coming soon. It’s not just an eraser, it’s Gomu!

Price: $1.95 /pack

Reccomended for ages 6+ (we don't want choking hazards for the little ones!)

Check out their integrative website: