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Mama Never Told Me...

Mama Never Told Me...

The first of the two part series, author Emily Van Do takes us on a journey through the life of a pregnant woman. She uses humor throught the book through illustrations and the things people say that you just cannot ignore. 

This book is totally laugh-out-loud worthy. Filled with funny one-liners such as, "Oh, you're like a life-sized Buddha!" and "Your husband must love those boobs!"

If you know somebody who is pregnant. This would make the perfect baby shower gift add-on. Or, if your the one who is pregnant, you should probably expect to get this book at some point.

Remember, a little laughter is good for the soul! 

Mama Never Told Me... retails for $9.95

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Mama Never Told Me... by Emily Van Do

Mama Never Told Me... by Emily Van Do

Attention new Mama's! This is unlike any book you will ever read. The eyebrow-raising comentary will get you going - Short, but gets to the point!

This book reveals all of the strange things that people would say to new mothers. For example, "You look good! Are you working on the last 15 to 25 pounds?" (From the illustration, this is the boss speaking). Or how about this one... "You're doing it wrong!!!" Now haven't we all heard that one?

Unfortunately, in real life these comments are very common for post-pregnancy women. All I want to say is keep your head held high and say "I will be the best mother I can be. No matter what." Just love yourself, your family, and maybe the extra 15 pounds that are hanging around. 

This book is sure to give yourself and others a good chuckle. Enjoy!

Check out the Mama Never Told Me website