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Holiday Gift Guide: PayDay

Family Game night is going back to the Classics! I remember playing PayDay as a child and I can't wait to play it with my kids. 


Who doesn't like to get paid? BUT, where does all the money go? Players take turns moving along the 31 day calendar-like game board. You could make a big profit OR lose your shirt on a bad investment and have to take out a loan to pay the bills as they pile up . Don't worry, you might win the lottery or hit the jackpot and pick up a bundle! And at the end of every month you GET PAID!!

For 2 to 4 player.

Ages 7 and up.

Suggested Retail Price: $15.99

Haywire for the Holidays

Haywire has a ton of great toys just in time for the holidays!

Animal Soup

In this mixed-up animal board game, players travel around the game board collecting animals. Can you collect the animals needed to create a Birdle (Bird + Turtle)? Or, how about a Gorillican (Gorilla + Pelican)? The first player to create any two mixed-up animals wins the game! Animal Soup will teach your preschoolers colors, matching, and animals all while having tons of fun! Based on the bestselling book by Todd H. Doodler!

Price: $16.99


Bear in Underwear

Travel through the forest collecting your animal's favorite food, forest item, and UNDERWEAR!?  Reach into the backpack to grab goodies. If you're lucky, you'll grab one you need, otherwise share it with the other players. First player to collect all the goodies for their animals wins in this silly game based on the books by Todd H. Doodler!

Dicecapades! Kid Version

Trivia, drawing, word & number play, physical challenges and a TON of dice! Their hit game Dicecapades!™ is now available for kids and is better than ever! An absolutely hilarious game that's fun for the whole family!

Price: $19.99

Robbin' Eggs

Uh-oh! The Robin placed numbers on the bottom of his eggs and mixed them all up in his nest! Can you get the sum of your eggs as close to the number on the rolled die while following the sometimes silly rules on the drawn card? The blue eggs have positive numbers while the green eggs have negative numbers. You'll need both as you add and subtract to your total while trying to remember which egg is which!

Be careful! Your opponent might have a 'rob' card and might steal the egg you need or the egg locations might get scrambled! Player with the lowest score wins in this zany game of math, memory, and luck!

Price: $19.99


Turn out the lights and try to be the last mammal standing in this survival dice game based on Latin American folklore. Each player takes six dice and rolls them. If you roll a chupacabra you can take out your opponents' chickens, goats, and oxen. Players take turns removing opponents' animals from their hands based on how many chupacabras are rolled. Be the first to collect all dice in play but watch out for "Chupacabra Loco" when someone rolls ALL chupacabras and has the power to take out the largest pack of animals in play! The best part? Everything GLOWS IN THE DARK! Can you survive the night?

Price: $19.99

What's a Dame to Do

What's a Dame to Do

Grab a bunch of your closest friends for a Girls' Night In and settle down for a round of "What's a Dame to Do?!'. This game is the perfect Girls' Night In staple. You and your girlfriends will be belly laughing all night!


Product Description:

Can you predict how your friends will react? Want to see who knows you best and laugh alot while you're at it? In What's a DAME to do?! (R) the object is to guess what your friends would do when presented with little 'dame dilemmas.' On your turn, read a Dilemma card, and the other players will predict what you would do by giving you Reaction cards. Place these cards so that other players can vote on your reaction. Did anyone figure you out? Reveal your answer and see who guesses you best, and laugh a lot while you're at it! EXAMPLE: You see an Ex at the grocery store and you are NOT looking your best. What's a DAME to do?! Would you: Hide in the bathroom? Slap on some lipstick? Have a chat? Stop, drop and roll? So simple and fun! Who guessed you best? Get out the martinis and chocolate, coffee and scones, or wine and brie and find out!

Ages 18 and up.

Approx Retail:  $25

Jungle Speed Board Game by Tom & Yako

Jungle Speed Board Game by Tom & Yako

Bring some family fun and laughter to the table for game night! Count on your keen sense of observation and quick reflexes to get ahead in this game. 

How to play Jungle Speed:

The Jungle Speed game is engaging and exciting. The complete deck of cards featuring abstract images is divided evenly among all players. Place the cards face down in front of you.  A bright yellow totem is then placed in the middle of the table.

•       Each player, in turn, reveals the top card of their draw pile. As players become more familiar with the symbols, they flip cards faster.  Players are looking for identical cards.  Colors have no significance, just the symbols.

•       If two cards are identical, those players must make a grab for the totem.  The faster player then gets to dump off all their cards to their unfortunate adversary.

•       To add to the difficulty, certain symbols on the cards are almost identical, which can trick a player into grabbing the totem by mistake.

•       Just when players think they’ve got it down, one of three special cards can temporarily change the rules and keep them on the edge.  Players may be called to make a grab at once, look for matching colors and not symbols, or even simultaneously flip cards.

•       The first person to get rid of all their cards wins the game!

For ages 8+

Playing time: 15 minutes

Players: 2-10

Retails for around $19.99

Get it at Target for less!