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Get Playing with SmartMax Toys

Get Playing with SmartMax Toys

Sweet Suite was an amazing resource for all things TOY, and one of the brands I was especially taken with was SmartMax Toys.  What are they up to? Come check out our review!

Huggable Squeeze Poppers from Hog Wild Toys

I don't know what it is, but I love cute toys. Especially cute cuddly toys. My boys? My boys could care less about how cute something is. As I've shared in previous posts, my boys get excited over any toy that will pop, bang, beep or shoot. So when we find a toy that creates a middle ground, it's a win-win. 


Hog Wild Toys has created the perfect toy for me and my boys: The Huggable Squeeze Popper. So, for me, these stuffed animals are huggable and cute. Yay!  For my boys, they shoot stuff. Does it get any better than a cute stuffed animal that shoots balls foam balls? I think not!

What's more lovable than a Squeeze Popper? How about one that's soft and very huggable, but also shoots a soft foam ball up to 20 feet?! Now you can pet and love that Squeeze Popper, and then shoot a ball right from its mouth. The harder you squeeze, the further it shoots. Includes six soft foam balls.


20 feet. Can you believe that these cute little stuffed creatures can do that? To be honest, I'm not sure who plays with our Squeeze Poppers more: ME or the BOYS! So it does not surprise me that the Huggable Squeeze Poppers from Hog Wild Toys have been named to Walmart's Kid-Approved Holiday Toy List 2014. You'll also find them on the Real Mom 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

Retails: $16.95 online.

Air Storm Firetek Foam Bow by Zing

One of the perks of my job is getting a chance to see up-and-coming toys from fantastic brands. As a mom of boys, any toy that beeps, blasts, or shoots (preferably all 3) get two thumbs up.  Zing Toys makes some of the most fantastically fun toys that my boys have ever gotten their hands on! Boston and Hudson had a BLAST (no pun intended) doing "research" on one of the latest toys from Zing. The Air Storm Firetek Bow is tons of fun! 

It comes equipped with a loop-and-launch technology and an LED-activated power grip for an action-packed, almost realistic playtime experience. Fire up the Zonic Blaze whistling arrows, hook them into the fast-load loops and get set to aim and fire. The long-range arrows of the Air Storm bow are made of soft foam and can zip through the air to over 125 feet and light up the sky. Even the bow glows with a bright green color, for action-packed fun, day or night. Each set includes one LED power bow and three Zonic Blaze whistling arrows. This bow toy requires two AAA batteries to operate. It comes in your choice of bold, bright colors

The Air Storm Firetek Bow was named to Walmart's Kid-Approved Holiday Toy List 2014. So you know this is one of the items that needs to go on your holiday list!  You'll see this item in the Real Mom 2014 Holiday Gift Guide - so stay tuned!

Retails: $29.97 at Walmart.

Toymail Review Meet Snort #RealMomBTS

Toymail Review Meet Snort #RealMomBTS

So, we tested out the adorable product names Snort.  I love how cute and fun Snort is for the whole family.  With my family being in a whole different part of the country - it's a fun way for them to send special 'email' to kids!

Plants Vs. Zombies K'NEX Building Sets

In a war between plants and zombies, who would win? With the new Plants vs. Zombies K'NEX building sets, you get to decide the outcome! Little builders love to let their imaginations run wild, and the variety of K'NEX building sets feeds all kinds of creativity. Not only are they fun, but it's a great opportunity to work on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as well. Whether plants are victorious or the zombies win out, it's sure to be a ton of creative fun. 

Defeat the zombies and save your the Wild West!  The Plants vs. Zombies Wild West Skirmish Building Set includes 2 Cowboy Zombie figures, 1 Prospector Zombie figure and 1 Peashooter figure plus K'NEX parts to build an area of the Wild West level from Plants vs Zombies 2!  Defeat the zombies using the Peashooter's shooting action.  Seven peas are included with a buildable ammo stand.  Slide the Peashooter back and forth along the track for target practice.  

You can also collect your favorite characters from Plants vs. Zombies with Plants vs. Zombies Mystery Figure Bags. Each bag contains 1 mystery figure.  Series 1 includes the following characters - Basic Zombie, Mummy Zombie, Future Conehead Zombie, Cowboy Zombie, Peashooter, Bloomerang, Bonk Choy and Sunflower. 

You can find Plants vs. Zombies building set and mystery figure bags at Toys R

Recommended for ages 5+.

Price: $29.99 (Wild West Skirmish Set), $3.99 (Mystery Figure Bags)

VTech Switch & Go Dinos

Having two boys in the house means I have seen my fair share of cars, animals, action figures, things that change from one thing to the other. We've seen A LOT! So when I was asked to check out the new VTech Swith & Go Dinos, I knew we were up for the task!

We have gone threw many toys that transform from a vehicle to a car or animal and let me tell you those things can be hard. I have given up on so many! But, the VTech Jagger the T-Rex transformed from a construction truck to a powerful dinosaur in a few simple steps. I knew if I could do it, my son would not get frustrated trying to do it on his own.

But Jagger doesn't stop there! With voice recognition technology, this mighty toy dinosaur is yours to command! This electronic toy fuses two of boys’ favorite things—dinosaurs and vehicles—into one awesome play experience your child will love!

There are 2 modes in which you can play with Jagger: truck mode and dinosaur mode. 

Play in truck mode with an awesome rotatable toy crane, a mini-transforming bulldozer, a voice-activated launcher-fired drill bit and realistic crane sound effects.

Switch to dinosaur mode to see Jagger's animated dinosaur eyes and his powerful stomping feet. Jagger even recognizes and responds to 24 specific voice commands. Say “Roar with me,” and hear him roar with his voice-activated motorized jaw. Sound effect buttons emit realistic dinosaur sounds and phrases that teach pre-historically awesome dinosaur facts! 

You can pick up VTech Switch & Go Dinos at VTech or Amazon!

iPieces Air Hockey and Fishing Game


iPieces Air Hockey

and Fishing Game


I love modern technology!!

Seriously.  LOVE IT.  So much so, that my 4 year old is a master at it.
We recently received two games from Pressman Toys.  Air Hockey & Fishing Game are great family fun!!



Experience the fast-paced thrills of Air Hockey. For the first time, players can hit the animated hockey puck with the iPieces hockey strikers. Players can represent a country of their choice to compete in a varietyof fun and exciting tournaments when they download the Air Hockey App.


Experience the challenge of catching a fish with your rod. The Fishing Game comes alive as you try and catch as many fish as you can before they are all in the buckets. To catch a fish, you need to use your iPieces fishing rod to catch a fish when it opens its mouth, and then drag it into your bucket. But watch out – there’s a hungry heron flying above that will try and sneak a fish from your bucket. The Fishing Game provides hours of fun for little ones.

What does your family like to play on iPads?


Annoying Orange Fresh Talking Target Game

Annoying Orange Fresh Talking Target Game

"Hey! Hey Player! What kind of throw was that?!" Prepare to be annoyed by the Annoying Orange Fresh Talking Target Game. Everyone loves throwing darts…and now you can play with the Annoying Orange target board where you have a really annoying target and a compelling game! 

Description: Take aim at an annoying target with the Annoying Orange Fresh Talking Target Game. You can easily hang the board in any desired location…and let the playing begin! Annoying Orange and the Kitchen Crew challenge players with funny jokes and heckles like, “Hey! Hey Player! Do you have grease on your hands?!” This set includes six balls for endless play (and great for multiple players). Requires 3 AA batteries (included).

Ages: 4+

Price: $19.99

Electric Paper Airplane Launcher

Electric Paper Airplane Launcher

How cool is this?! The electric paper airplane launcher is something that everyone will enjoy!

Product Description:

Launch your paper airplane materpieces with this DIY science kit. The kit comes with spinning motors and plastic disks that you assemble to create your launcher. Learn how to construct and tweak your launcer through trial and error to send your plane off at speeds of up to 31 mph. 

Approx:  $19.99

HEXBUG larva Micro Robotic Creatures

HEXBUG larva Micro Robotic Creatures

Now if these we're real larvae, I'd be running out of my house screaming in my pajamas! But thanks to HEXBUG, these creatures are mechanical, non-living, neon creatures. (Wipes sweat off face.) A perfect toy for boys, don't you think? 

Product Description:

HEXBUG Larva is a micro robotic creature that slithers forward on smooth surfaces. HEXBUG Larva has a built-in sensor to react to its environment, instinctively changing direction upon sensing an object in its path and wriggling off to explore a clear, undisturbed path ahead.

Recommended Age: 8+

Batteries are included!

Visit Happy slithering!

Dub Garage By Toy State

Dub Garage By Toy State

Oh my Oh MY! These toys are a little boys dream!!!  Seriously!!

Toy State has teamed up with DUB Magazine and rolled out an exciting new line under the DUB Garage brand! These cars are totally souped up & your boys will LOVE them!

There are a great variety to choose from.  Prices range from $4.99 to $49.99.

The DUB GARAGE CONTROL FREAKZ Remote Control car is the coolest.  It comes in Ford Mustang & Chevy Comaro.  The wheels litght up & has real car sounds!

I'm excited over these toys and I'm just a MOM! ha (PS. I love anything remote controlled!  =)  

They just came out this past October with RIM ROCKERZ, CUSTOM RIDEZ (me likey cause they have a big truck! ha), BLAZERZ that light up, CONTROL FREAKZ is the great r/c car & even a DUB GARAGE D-JAYZ where you get to mix and scratch your own tunes!  Fun, right?

Boston sat on Santa's lap and said 'I want a fast racecar for Christmas!' so I guess that's what Santa will bring under the tree this year!

Happy driving.

**MOMS DON'T LET MOMS TEXT AND DRIVE DUB CARS. DRIVE SAFELY. (Or don't tell your kids you're playing with their toys, k? haha)

Hasbro 3.75” Action Figures

Hasbro 3.75” Action Figures

What's better than having your child's favorite action hero in the palm of their hands? Probably not much at their age. Pretend that Spiderman is conspiring with Iron Man to capture Thor's Lightning Hammer! The possibilities are endless! 

Hasbro offers a wide variety of action figures from all of your favorite brands like G.I. JOE, TRANSFORMERS, STAR WARS AND MARVEL! With such a wide selection of characters and story lines, it will be hard to choose which ones to put into stockings this holiday season, at such a great price point!

Approximate Retail Price: $4.99-$7.99

Ages: 4 & up

Purchase at

G.I. JOE 12” U.S. Army Paratrooper

G.I. JOE 12” U.S. Army Paratrooper

Perfect for Dad! This realistic G.I. JOE is fearless. Compile a father/son mission for some added quality time both can enjoy. 

Your courageous Army Paratrooper figure is ready to brave danger in the air and on the ground! Put his jump pack on for the next daring dive into action and prepare him with his binoculars and flashlight. His parachute really opens when you throw him into the air! At 12 inches tall, with his helmet and goggles, tactical assault rifle, combat knife and pistol, what can’t he do? Will he be able to complete his mission? Only you can decide!

New to the 12” G.I. JOE line is the U.S. Army Paratrooper.  The highlight of the 12” figure collection, this figure comes equipped with a working parachute, authentic uniform and gear insignia, and a full array of accessories.

Approximate retail price: $24.99

Ages: 5 & up

Purchase at

Thor Lightning Hammer & Lightning Helmet

Thor Lightning Hammer & Lightning Helmet

Do not worry parents! This isn't a 50 pound hammer. The top of the hammer is a soft plastic material. This is definitely a great gift for any boy who wants to pretend like he is one of the gods. What little boy wouldn't want to pretend he can control thunder, lightning, storms, and have the strength of a hero! 

Kids can now pretend to be their favorite Asgardian and summon the power of THOR!  Hasbro’s THOR LIGHTNING HAMMER delivers a great role-play experience, allowing fans to recreate the on-screen action of the film, THOR.  The replica of THOR’S signature weapon is fully equipped with electronic battle sounds and a launching projectile. Requires three “AAA” batteries, included.

Helping to complete the THOR role-play experience is Hasbro’s THOR HELMET.  Styled after the Asgardian’s iconic wing-tipped helmet, the role-play toy lets kids pretend to be the mighty hero.

Approximate Retail Price: $19.99 (Thor Hammer) & $7.99 (Thor Helmet)

Ages: 5 & up



The best nighttime entertainment for your child! Mix art, fun and action into your evening. You can swing, spin and twirl them around to make a spectacular light show. Don't worry about being less than coordinated, that comes with practice, as children will be trying it over and over to see what rings, orbits and waves they can make. 

There are three styles, each with a different color light: Cyclone (Green & White), Nytfyr (Red & White) and Blue Angel (Multicolor & Blue). 

Retails for about $8.99 and is for ages 8+

Check out their website or YouTube channel for more tricks and videos.

Ickee Stikeez

Ickee Stikeez

Ickee Stikeez are sold in little vending-machine type balls and are made to be collected. Parents can buy as many or as few as their budget will allow this holiday season and beyond. The best part about Zing's Ickee Stikeez is the suction cup on the bottom of the characters. Kids can stick them around their computer, put them in their lockers at school, or even stick them on the back windows of your car (with permission of course). 

There are 24 to collect, with names like Mouch, Zee-Noh, Nummy Muffin, Zparx and more!

Ickee Stikeez retail at $1.25 for a single-pack and $2.99 for a triple-pack. The triple-pack assortments include three collectors Koinz™ that feature a number, which can be entered on their website for additional content, back story, and other cool videos.

Ages 4+

Get Ickee!

SpongeBob SquarePants Walkie Talkies

SpongeBob SquarePants Walkie Talkies

Come in Patrick.

Come in SpongeBob.

Lets sneak up on Squidward.

Roger that!


Keep your friends in close communication with these adorable SpongeBob SquarePants Walkie Talkies from Sakar. 

Ages 4+

Toys R Us price: $11.99

Over and out! 


Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera

Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera

Say cheese! Or shall I say, 'sayyy, swiper no swiping!' Make sure you buy the 2AA batteries to go with this gift because your little one will want to use it right away. It's a great beginner camera for kids. The camera is also said to have the capability to be used as a webcam and a video camera! 

Product Description:

Your little girl will love taking pictures of her adventures with the Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera. This camera says three different encouraging phrases. The internal memory holds up to 120 images, and the included Dora SnapShots software lets her create albums, write a story, and play 5 games. Dimensions: 4"W x 1"D x 2.5"H. Weight: 5 oz. Warranty: 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Retails between $24.99 and $29.99. 

This is a great kid-friendly camera, and not to mention, affordable!

Check out Toys R Us if you want to purchase immediately! 

The Smurfs - Celebrating 50 Years!

The Smurfs - Celebrating 50 Years!

Would you look at this! Smurf figurines are back! Made by the Schleich company in Germany. Smurfs throughout the ages are forever changing, just like us. Each set represents a new decade, celebrating 50 years of the Smurfs! Starting with the 1960's into the 2000's. Can't wait to see what our current decade will bring to the Smurf crew in 2019. 

Product Descriptions:

2000-2009: One of the Smurfs favourite pass times is playing football; this pack of five comes with a Smurfette Cheerleader, three Smurfs ready to play and a supporter. Smurfette can always be found cheering the Smurfs on, she is often joined at the sidelines by Lazy Smurf who is too sleepy to play.

1990-1999: All the Smurfs love to run and skip around their mushroom village but some also like to keep fit and take part in sports activities. This set of five comes with a swimmer who loves to swim in the near by river, a golfer who enjoys playing on their miniature course made by Handy Smurf.

1980-1989: In this pack the Smurfs are having a wonderful time gardening, they like to keep their village looking neat and tidy. The warm and sunny climate is perfect for growing lots of sarsaparilla plants which the Smurfs love to eat.

1970-1979: Although the Smurfs are all equal in their village they have lots of different professions. This pack has five Smurfs in, each with a different line of work such as a painter and a chef. One is a doctor wearing a white coat and a stethoscope around his neck; he often prescribes a couple Smurfberries to help the poorly Smurfs recover.

1960-1969: This scene is based on an original comic first published in 1963, the black skinned Smurf has been bitten by a black fly that has turned him insane and reduced his vocabulary to one word “Gnap”. The other Smurfs are trying to catch him before he bites them on the tail and passes it on destroying Smurf civilisation.

Collect all of the Smurfs at Barnes & Noble

Ages 3+