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Planet Orbeez Adventure Park

If you are new to the world of Orbeez, let me give you a little break down on what they are. Orbeez are small pellets that you put into water {for at least 4 hours}. As they soak in the water, they grow into bouncy balls. 

Orbeez have been taken a step further with the introduction of the Planet Orbeez Adventure Park.

planet orbeez, ali's adventure park orbeez

Endless exploration awaits at the Planet Orbeez Adventure Park. Join Ali, her pet unicorn, Clio, and all of their friends as they pass through the Orbeez balloon entrance into a fun-filled Orbeez experience. They dive into the Orbeez swimming pool, sun themselves on the upper deck, float around the Orbeez lazy river and snack at the food court. Orbeez cascade from a Globe down the spiral slide into a pool where they are picked up and carried in the Ferris Wheel.

So much to do, so much to explore, so many Orbeez!

Orbeez RC Ladybug Scooper

Power up your remote and make your Ladybug Scooper scoot around the floor collecting Orbeez into it's shell. The Ladybug Scooper blinks, lights up and makes chirping sounds as it moves around cleaning up. You can also push the Ladybug Scooper manually to collect all of the Orbeez. After the press of a button, the Ladybug Scooper will dispense the Orbeez to start the fun all over again!

Ages: 5-15 years

Price: $34.99

Orbeez Flower Power Light Show

Create a one-of-a-kind night light with translucent petals, swirling Orbeez and color-changing LEDs. Turn out the room lights and watch the Orbeez project a stunning, moving light show on the ceiling. Batteries not included.

Submerge them in water, and the colorful pellets included with the Orbeez Flower Power Light Show grow to up to 100 times their original size in just a few hours. Safe for kids five and older, these squishy, multicolored orbs create a kaleidoscopic light display on the ceiling of a darkened room when poured into the included Flower Power Light Show. Swirl the Orbeez around, and the Light Show's LED lights shine through them to create shifting patterns on the ceiling. Safe and non-toxic, Orbeez can be disposed of in the trash or yard once play is complete.

Ages:5-15 years

Price: $24.99