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Cars 2 - Talkin' Race Pals

Cars 2 - Talkin' Race Pals

Brought to you by Just Play and Disney Pixar Entertainment, your child can have a dialog going between Lightning McQueen and Mater. Watch their mouths move as these soft, plushy cars say 5 phrases each. There are no boo-boo's with this toy either! (Wipes sweat off face).

Check out the video from Time to Play!

For ages 3+ 

Retails for about $17.99

Purchase now at ToysRUs!

Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven

Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven

I can just picture every girl wanting to dress up, have a play-date with friends and bake up some fun with this toy set.

Part of the Disney Princess: Magic Rise Collection, this puts an added twist to the old Easy Bake Oven. With a wave of a special magic wand, the cake rises! Essentially, play baking, without the mess. The box includes all of the important ingredients: 16 accesories, light up topper, interchangable play frosting, and 2 display areas. Not to mention, magical sounds. Isn't that why we just love Disney?

For ages 3+ and retails for about $25. Amazon's got it as well as other participating retailers.

Disney Swimming Ariel

Disney Swimming Ariel


Yet ANOTHER reason why I hope to someday have a girl!!

With boys-you can put trucks and boats and so many toys in the bathtub.


This doll is too cute.  I got one for review but ended up donating it to a local charity cause silly would I look putting a DOLL in the bathtub with ME?!?!?!  My husband might get rid of me. lolol.

Anway-I've read a many reviews on it.  And it's LOVED by little girls of all ages.



The story of The Little Mermaid continues to touch hearts, years after its debut! And the story comes alive when you bring this beautiful Ariel doll into the water with you. She even swims by moving her tail up and down!

It's for ages 3+...No batteries...No assembly.  Retails for about $20.

Happy Bath time!

Cars 2 Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissile

Cars 2 Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissile

Yeah. Seriously.  This movie is going to be REDICULOUS to get into!!

Cars 2 comes out the end of June and the toys are RUNNING WILD...

This movie is like Toy Story.  A CLASSIC.  I remember my nephew love this movie.  And. GULP. He's going into like 4th grade I think.  Now my son is in love with it. 

The 1st movie came out in we're definitely due another one.

Ok-nuff about the movie.  THE TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Finn McMissile is the new hottie car in the new movie.  This toy is super awesome.  Fully loaded with 'top secret' spy weapons, firing missiles, sound effects & awesome transformations.  Recommended for ages 4+.  And around $30.

Disney Fairies Silvermist Pixie Bathroom

Disney Fairies Silvermist's Pixie Bathroom

Disney is a child's dream come true!

I don't have a girl-but if I did I know I'd be smothering her with these adorable sets!  The Pixie Bathroom comes with a cute tub, robe and of course Silvermist!

You can buy this set at most retailers.

Retail value approx. $15.

Makes a GREAT birthday party gift!  (ages 4+)

Timmy Time Talking Yabba

Yabba and Timmy Talking Plush

Timmy’s friend Yabba has his very own Talking Plush.  Just press his tummy and Yabba can utter 6 different silly sounds. 

It's adorable and a great toy for kids to cuddle up to.

This fun Talking Plush also comes as Timmy.

HIT Entertainment & Jakks Pacific is amazing at coming out with great toys for kids!  This season is like no other.  These cute & cuddly toys are based on the new TV show. 

Retail Value around $20.