As a mom to boys I've come to learn that there are times when you really need to 'rent a girl' in life.  I was a huge girlie girl when I was young.  I loved to play barbies and dolls.  As an adult & mom to two boys - the word Barbie hasn't been said in my lifetime past 10 years old! ha.  So when one of my favorite 'made in USA' brands connected with me and invited me to a GIRL event - I was all over 'renting a girl'.  In fact, I actually borrowed two girls.  My dear friend Sandy let me borrow her two adorable daughters AND she came with us!  

This past week we visited KNEX in Hatfield, PA.  I love that brand for sooooo many reasons - but my biggest is that they are Made in the USA.  Seriously awesome stuff.  And the story behind the product?  That much better! So... when they came out with the Mighty Makers I knew that was something I wanted to hear about.  So after renting a couple of girls. (HA) I visited the family at KNEX.