Earth Day is April 22nd - are you ready?! If you find yourself lacking creativity this year, or just generally not sure how to spend your Earth Day, keep reading! Every year on April 22nd, people come together worldwide to celebrate the Earth, support green practices and environmental protection, and just generally care for the Earth! It's also a great time to raise awareness for things that are more environmentally friendly - like YOXO! 

YOXO products are eco-friendly, cardboard connectors that your kids can play with. They connect to cardboard in various ways, coming in Y, O, and X shapes. This allows kids to be creative, innovative, and imaginative with toys that are friendly to the Earth! Additionally, YOXO products are made in the US - something only 5% of toys can claim, isn't that great? Not only can you support something eco-friendly, but something made locally as well. 

It's important to find toys for your kids that are fun but also inspire creativity. Today, kids are playing with iPads, tablets, laptops, phones, and more electronics. Taking the time to unwind with some real thought-provoking construction play is a great way to keep your kids engaged and learning! The addition of the five new YOXO offerings double the current product line as the company continues to grow and foster creative play for kids. The new products will be available in summer 2015 at independent toy stores and retailers throughout the USA and Canada and at YOXO's website

Besides YOXO, there are tons of ways to get involved this Earth Day! Visit the Earth Day website to find out how else you can get involved - including ways to pledge an Act of Green! Whether you plant a tree, recycle more, use less, or just get involved with some creative play and YOXO, celebrating the Earth and helping your environment is rewarding no matter what!  

What are your favorite ways to get involved in Earth Day? How will you spend Earth Day this year?