Angry Birds GO! Telepods™
Pig Rock Raceway™ Set



If you have young children in your house then they are probably pretty obsessed with Angry Birds. What started as a simple game app has now turned into a whole gaming franchise. The lastest game in the Angry Birds line is the Telepods Pig Rock Raceway Set!

Race head-to-head to topple the pirate pigs! Slingshot your kart through swinging obstacles and avoid the pigs to be the first to the finish line. Continue the racing action on your mobile device by using the included TELEPODS base to teleport your kart into the new ANGRY BIRDS™ GO! app.

Telpods bring your in life games to your devices! You can unlock your karts in the Angry Birds app {sold seperately}. Download the app and put your Telepods base and your kart on your device. Scan your karts into the app and you can choose which one to race when you play the Angry Birds Go app!

The set includes two karts featuring favorite ANGRY BIRDS™ characters, one of which is exclusive to this set. An you know how special those exclusives are! 

Angry Birds GO! Telepods Pig Rock Raceway is for ages 5 and up and retails for $29.99.