Do you have a child who loves to build and create on your shopping list? Then I have just the gift for you! Light Up Links
Light Up Links are the latest building and construction toy to hit the shelves. How do they work? You simply build with the links and then they glow.  It's that easy! There are so many things that you can create with Light Up Links. The possibilites are endless! Another great thing about Light Up Links? No batteries required! Total win in my book.
The current Light Up Links package comes with:
  • Lightup Pods—these spheres have 5 spokes that point in all directions. Equipped with LED lights that flash red, white, and blue, these pods also float in water! Just give them a shake to activate.
  • Flex Links—these flexible connectors twist and bend and connect to Lightup Pod spokes and Glow Stix.
  • Glow Stix—Strong and durable, these sticks come in three different lengths.
  • Wheels—make your Light Up Links go mobile with these fast spinning wheels that even come equipped with rotating axels!
LIght Up Links are available on for only $19.99 (plus processing and handling). 
Light Up Links make great stocking stuffers and there is still time to grab some for yourself! You can get a special deal over at Light Up Links World with free shipping when you use the code LUL at checkout.