Almost Naked Animals

What a party in a box at my doorstep this week!

Only think missing was the LIVE animals.  Well...I can supply one of those.  His name is Boston.  =)

I actually had never even heard of this kids show until just recently when a friend turned me on to them.  

What's the show about?

Almost Naked Animals is an animated comedy series, featuring a bunch of lovable - happy - go - lucky - animals! (ahem.  Who happen to be in their SKIVVIES.  Hence...the 'almost naked' part.)

Howie is the leader of the pack and they run a beach-front hotel called the Banana Cabana and the LOVE to have a blast!

This show is top-rated on the Cartoon Networks for kids aged 6-11 and on September 25, 2012 Volume 1 of Almost Naked Animals is coming out on DVD!

We were able to see it before the release-and it's hysterical.  Boston is only 4 - so like other animated series-I had my my husband and I watched it first. 

No.  We were not almost Naked either people. 


But we loved it and it was a good fit for Boston so now it's on his iPad ready for repeat.

In addition to the DVD release; The Almost Naked Animals "Onlin Super Game' launches on the website.

Plus you can buy all kinds of awesome goodies through Cafe Press!! (We got a very fun t-shirt, tote bag & notebook!)  

Be sure to check out the show this fall for the 3rd season on Cartoon Network!