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Tag Human Body Discovery Pack

One of my most favorite brands in our house is Leap Frog.  My 4 year old just loves to play with all his Leap Frog products.  My PERSONAL favorites is the Tag Products.  

I love these because they teach my son so many things.  From reading on his own, to learning about body parts with our latest Tag products!! 

Tag is just amazing to me.  I'm so fascinated by the technology on how that little point can actually READ!  When you tap it on the pages, they actually know what your touching.  I'd love to see a behind the science scene on these things but I digress. lol

Going "UNPLUGGED" is a big deal in our house.  My husband and I totally have the personal addiction of not knowing how to 'turn it off' when it's family time.  Night time is like our 'computer time'.  And we really try to make that extra effort to pay attention to my son and show him things that don't require him sitting in front of the computer.  

Tag is absolutely PERFECT for that!

I gotta be honest.  When we got the pack, I couldn't help but feel slightly like an idiot!  I studied body parts in college, I swear!!  But hearing my son say out loud some of these bones & body parts REALLY had me pondering my intelligence!  Really?

I also love the fact that by reading and playing with the Tag Human Body Discovery Pack, I can work with my child to really learn how to pick the right food groups and making smart choices.

Do you have a Tag? What are your favorite books for your children to read?