ZAZOO Photo Clock

Does your child get out of bed too early? Mine does. I have been looking for a clock that would help him know when it's ok to get out of bed and when he needs to sleep or rest a little longer. 

The ZAZOO photo clock is the perfect solution! The photo alarms show a child visually when to start the day or when it's time to rest. A digital time display is shown alongside the awake (a sun) and asleep (a moon) images. You can choose from pre-programmed images or selevt your own to make the clock more personal.

Have an older child? He or she will love the clock and calendar, digital photo frame, music and video features. The Photo Clock includes 11 built-in songs from children's artists including Milkshake, Lunch Money, King Pajama and more.  

The Zazoo Photo Clock is a winner of awards from The National Parenting Center, Parent Tested Parent Approved organization and the NAPPA.

Price: $89.99