Fireman Sam: Rescue on the Water

On land, in water and everywhere in between, you can always count on Fireman Sam to save the day...and bring fun along, too! Join Fireman Sam, his courageous fire brigade and the citizens of Pontypandy for all new seafaring adventure in Fireman Sam: Rescue on the Water. It's ready, set, rescue in six thrilling episodes filled with Sam's trademark lessons in safety, loyalty, leadership, cooperation and friendship.


Sound the alarm! Fireman Sam and his heoric team are always prepared for rescues. Whether it's flood in Pontypandy, dangerous shifting tides or trouble at sea for Norman and James, there's no challenge too big for Fireman Sam! Join the squad and save the day with this collection of daring seaworthy rescues.


  • "Stranded"
  • "The One That Got Away"
  • "Pirates of Pontypandy"
  • "Norman's Ark"
  • "Sailor Steele"
  • "Dinosaur Hunt"


  • Bonus Episode: "Alarm on the Beach"

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Run time: 55 minutes