Timmy Time: Timmy Needs a Bath

Bath time can be a tricky process, that's no secret. Get it right however, and your child will be smiling from ear to ear whenever they hear the words, "bath time!" This DVD is a great resource to get your kids excited about hopping into the tub. Don't we all enjoy a little bath every now and then? Minus the rubber ducky...


 Enjoy some good clean fun with Timmy and his friends! Adventures with mud, glue and paint leave Timmy in some sticky situations. This clever little lamb uses his creativity to make tub-time fun and turn a paint fight into a masterfleece! Timmy cleans up and discovers the most fun of all is being with friends! Soak up the good times with Timmy…just don’t forget to wash behind your ears!


  • Timmy Needs A Bath”
  • “Sticky Timmy
  • “Tidy Timmy
  • Timmy Goes Camping”
  • Timmy The Artist”


  • Timmy’s Tune #2 – Music Video 
  • Shaun the Sheep Bonus Episode: Supersize Timmy

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Run time: 45 minutes