Learning Resources
Jumbo Endangered Animals

One of my favorite toy brands is Learning Resources.  

Their toys are always of high quality and awesome color!  Not to mention, the learning kids can and do get from them.  

This year, they have an entire 2012 list of new products and we received the Jumbo Endangered Animals.

One of the things in my house that we're struggling with is bathtime toys.  The ones we have are old and you know what years in a bathtub can do to a product! lol.  

So these little guys are now living in there with Batman.  And a few other strange objects.  

It's great though cause when got them, there was a learning packet in the box with details on the animal that I got to share with him.  Now I get the 'this is a Ryno mommy, it's endangered and people have to love them forever!'

Not bad for a 3 1/2 year old, huh? ha

The product is about $30 and great for kids ages 2-8.  

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