Friends & Family DVD Includes 8 Adventures

Talk about a great mash-up... There's so many options! Choose Angelina Ballerina on Monday and then Timmy Time on Tuesday! Then keep it going the rest of the week. Your child will never get bored with such variety!

Program Description:

From Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment, join Thomas & Friends™, Angelina Ballerina™, Bob the Builder™, Barney™, Fireman Sam™, Kipper™, Roary the Racing Car™ and Timmy Time™ for eight heart-warming adventures, celebrating special moments while teaching lessons in loyalty, cooperation, friendship and fun. So snuggle up with the kids and give thanks for the chance to watch, learn and laugh together!

Share birthday surprises with Thomas and the Percival Twins, while Angelina and Polly choreograph aspecial show for their parents. Then join Bob the Builder and Barney as they show their friends how to be the best big brother and sister they can be. Siblings, friends and parents alike will delight in these stories celebrating love, friendship and fun!

DVD Episodes:

  • Thomas & Friends - “Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon”
  • Fireman Sam – “Danger By The Double”
  • Bob the Builder –“Dizzy In Charge”
  • Barney – “Big Brother Rusty”
  • Angelina Ballerina – “Angelina and Polly’s Two-Hour Show”
  • Kipper – “Cousins”
  • Roary the Racing Car – “Zizzy Spectacular”
  • Timmy Time – “Timmy’s New Friend” (DVD Only)

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Rated: NR

Run Time: 99 Minutes