Disney Swimming Ariel


Yet ANOTHER reason why I hope to someday have a girl!!

With boys-you can put trucks and boats and so many toys in the bathtub.


This doll is too cute.  I got one for review but ended up donating it to a local charity cause honestly....ahem...how silly would I look putting a DOLL in the bathtub with ME?!?!?!  My husband might get rid of me. lolol.

Anway-I've read a many reviews on it.  And it's LOVED by little girls of all ages.



The story of The Little Mermaid continues to touch hearts, years after its debut! And the story comes alive when you bring this beautiful Ariel doll into the water with you. She even swims by moving her tail up and down!

It's for ages 3+...No batteries...No assembly.  Retails for about $20.

Happy Bath time!