Cars 2 Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissile

Yeah. Seriously.  This movie is going to be REDICULOUS to get into!!

Cars 2 comes out the end of June and the toys are RUNNING WILD...

This movie is like Toy Story.  A CLASSIC.  I remember my nephew love this movie.  And. GULP. He's going into like 4th grade I think.  Now my son is in love with it. 

The 1st movie came out in we're definitely due another one.

Ok-nuff about the movie.  THE TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Finn McMissile is the new hottie car in the new movie.  This toy is super awesome.  Fully loaded with 'top secret' spy weapons, firing missiles, sound effects & awesome transformations.  Recommended for ages 4+.  And around $30.