Shoulder Buddies

I know, I know, laugh it out. I was just way too excited about these new crazy haired, Shoulder Buddies. Who's the buddy on my shoulder? PEACE! Peace travel's the world, meeting new people and sharing his "Peaceful Smarts" so that we can all live together in happiness. He has the funkiest, or should I say "grooviest" hair!

Shoulder Buddies are adorable collectible friends that kids can wear on their shoulders, backpacks, hats, shirts, hair…just about anywhere! Each figure has an embedded magnet that connects with a Magic Coin to help it stay securely in place. Shoulder Buddies each have a special “Smart” life lesson to share with kids (examples include friendship, music appreciation and fire safety). Their adorable belly symbols represent their special “Smart”. Shoulder Buddies come in dozens of characters – with over 30 new additions per year – so they are perfect for kids to collect, share and wear!

Shoulder Buddies were the winners of the Dr.Toy Award for Best Vacation Products 2011

For ages 5+

SRP $5.99

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