Scrabble Turbo Slam

Caution, do not slam too hard!... Just kidding, that's the fun of it! This game offers laugh-out-loud fun, and borrows elements from the traditional crossword game, except way faster! Who wants to yawn during a game anyways? 

Game Objective:

Race to get rid of all the cards being held by using them to build on top of a four-letter word, creating a new four-letter word. Be the first player to get rid of all cards being held to win.

Game Play:

  • Start with a four-letter word, such as "G-A-M-E."
  • Turn on the TURBO SLAM unit to activate the timer.
  • Players begin simultaneously by slamming their letter cards on top of the base word to create new words (Ex. G-A-M-E becomes F-A-M-E). Players yell the words they create.
  • During the game players must race to be the first to hit the TURBO SLAM unit when they hear the turbo sound. The first to hit the SLAM button will get an action card. 
  • Players must think fast and act quickly to get rid of their cards first, or they'll be out of the game before they can say SLAM!

Game Features:

  • Electronic timer adds more frantic fun and excitement to SCRABBLE SLAM.
  • Four new action cards add game-changing fun!

2-4 Players

Ages 8+

Requires 3AAA Batteries

Approx Price: $14.99

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