The Trash Pack

Get ready for filth and fun with the Trash Pack gang. There are more than 100 Trash Pack characters to trade and collect with names like Soggy Tomato, Putrid Pizza, King Rat and Garbage Gull. Each Trashie figure comes in three different colors and is awarded a special status – common, rare, ultra rare, special edition or exclusive – depending on its collectability and how easy it is to find. Kids are going to love sharing and swapping these collectible toys with their friends. 

The Trash Pack Two Pack

Perfect for beginners to start their Trash Pack collection. It contains one large can, two Trash Pack characters, and one collector's guide for easy reference of all the Trashies™. 

Appropriate for ages 5+ and retails for around $2.99

The Trash Pack Collector's Trash Can

A real can for a Trash Pack fan! The Trash Pack Collector's Trash Can is the perfect place to store their Trashies™ and small cans. Containing one trash-can shaped collector tin and two small cans, this Trash Pack set is an ideal gift for trash collectors. Kids will also discover two exclusive Trashies (Spew-Shi and Skummy Skull) in the Trash Can, which can hold up to 18 characters and small cans. 

Appropriate for ages 5+ and retails for around $17.99 

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