PLAY-DOH Twirl 'N Top Pizza Shop

Fun to play with, but not to eat! Kids love PLAY-DOH; it's a fact of life! This set is a fantastic activity to have in any home. Remember, seal those lids tight or else somebodys going to have some hard pizza toppings for later. 

Product Description:

"Cook" up some fun with this PLAY-DOH pizza parlor! Create the perfect pizza crust in the "brick oven," crank out realistic looking grated "cheese," and then cut out pretend pepperoni, mushrooms and peppers. Then use the handy tools to cut and serve to friends and start all over again! The set includes one 5-oz can and three 2-oz cans of PLAY-DOH compound. 

Ages 3+ for the retail price of about $16.99.

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