Liv Dolls - Twist & Dance

Who's ready for a dance party?! Get pumped up and shake it like a polaroid picture.

I love these new SpinMaster's Twist & Dance Liv Dolls. Each one (there are six in total in the series: Daniela, Alexis, Katie, Sophie, Hayden, and a dashing DJ named Chase) is made with bendable joints at the neck, shoulders and hips that move together to create a really cool dancing effect! You can even try it out while your Liv Dolls still in the box! Twist her wig to create different hairstyles and each comes with a few unique accessories like a hairband, purse and brush. Check out the girls at

This is for children 5+

Retail price: $19.99 but prices may vary

These Liv Dolls don't dance on their own, so make 'em shake their tail feathers!