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Good Morning America Technology in the Home

Ever wonder how much you might spend on your devices around your family? 
Check out the fun feature of my fully connected family on Good Morning America!

They spent two different shoot days in our home and ran a camera & kept track of time for a whole week!   Yes, we are more connected than most families - but don't we all struggle with it?  

It's really an epidemic in our country.  Honestly in every country!  

Long story short - my family loved the GMA staff and had a blast getting to know them AND our own family a little better. 


Do you know how much time your family is spending on cell phones and tablets. One family was put on surveillance for 24 hours and Mara schiavocampo has that and, boy, Mara, it is a lot. Yeah, this he used their phones a lot of time. Now, a recent study by e-marketers says they're not alone and estimates in 2016 our time in front of the phone will rise to 3 hours and 8 minutes a day. We tracked this family to see how much they're using their phones and they were shocked. The nahigian family says it takes over their time. I forget what's going on with my family around me. It's ridiculous. Reporter: Dad Matt is constantly connected as a radio program director and mom joey, a blogger says kids, Boston, 7 and hudden 2 are just as attached to technology. Do you like being on your phone? Yes. So just how wired are they? They let us track them for 24 hours setting up four surveillance cameras throughout the house. And installing the moment app to record usage on both their phones. 8:36 A.M. 7-year-old Boston playing games before school. Get off the device. 5:59 P.M., dad pulls into the driveway and spending more time looking at his phone before going into the house. Minutes later mom walks in the door, toddler in one hand, phone in the other. 6:24 P.M. At dinner they put their phones in a box to limit disruptions. In really? But this phone-free zone gets interrupted. Ah. When they top to watch a video. 6:57 P.M., after dinner, the entire family is together. But all on separate devices except Boston whose battery died. According to our tracking app in that 24-hour period dad was on the phone 4:35. Mom, 4:53. The app notes how many times you pick up your phone. Joey picking up her phone 53 different types and Matt, 113 times. After we turned the cameras off we kept the tracking app on for a whole week. The grand total for mom and dad after seven days, staggering. Mom joey was on on 34 1/2 hours picking up her phone 323 times. Dad Matt used his device for 31 1/2 hours checking it 754 times. It's bad. I mean, that's all I can say. Reporter: Consumer psychologist and author James Roberts is here for a technology intervention. Boston has not put that phone down. Look at what you're looking at when you enter the house. Putting the phones in a box during dinner but not good enough. Do the same concept but put that thing in the bedroom and lock the door and enjoy your dinner. He says, set smartphone-free Zones and times. Use apps that help limit your usage and put in writing what is and is not acceptable phone use with penalties for breaking the rues. We have a lot of work to do. Reporter: All right, so another tip, don't use your phone as an alarm clock our expert says because it encourages you to pick it up first thing in the morning. I wanted to see how much I used my so I put an app quality time on it. Here are my results. I was on the phone for 2 hours and 20 minutes and picked it up 126 times. George, one thing that's interesting. They tend to find men check their phone a lot more often. Women just get on it and stay on it. I'm sure that's it. I would have done a lot more than 2 thundershower hours and 26 minutes. Good for you, Mara. Yeah. I said, no. I don't want to know. Too embarrassing.