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Sprout Good Night Show Filmed in Philly

Sprout Good Night Show Filmed in Philly

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So, I can't believe I'm doing this.  As I've NEVER done it before.

Tell you about an event that happened that I didn't get to go to.  VERY silly, yes.  But good enough to share for sure!  

I was invited to a viewing recently of SPROUT and THE GOOD NIGHT SHOW.  (Which, by the way, they tape in the daytime. Or at least they did this day. lol) And I couldn't go.  Now mind you, there are a ton of things that I get invited to that I unfortunately have to turn down. But one thing is totally for sure.... THIS ONE I was bummed to miss!

I love Sprout Programming.  I missed it when my oldest got 'to cool' and I'm loving the return with the #2 toddler love. 

I missed the event, but they sent me pics of it.  I always LOVE seeing being the scenes of these kid shows.  Cool, huh? 

Michelle Lepe is the star and she plays with the STAR! lol Hudson loves that star.  It's so cute when his face lights up as he sees it.  Great show!  And ya know.  Sometimes you have to share something that's just COOL in your city as a blogger.  And this is one of them!

About The Good Night Show:

The Good Night Show” is a three-hour programming block featuring hosts Nina and Star, Lucy the Firefly and Hush the Fish that takes place in the You & Me Tree.  Nina and her side-kick, Star, take preschool children and their parents on an adventure every night. “The Good Night Show” incorporates hosted segments with Sprout's original series and gold-standard shows, such as “Pajanimals,” “Caillou,” “Zou” and “Sarah & Duck.”  It airs nightly from 6-9pm ET.

“The Good Night Show” is themed to gentle, preschool appropriate subjects with the emphasis on narrative and slower paced content.   Each episode is developed to wind preschoolers down after a busy day with songs, stretches, Spanish language lessons, sign language demonstration, games and storytelling. Nina and Star invite children to explore different themes each night such as seasons, school, bedtime and beyond to help parents encourage a regular nightly routine.  

#RealMomGiftGuide Kisses for Kyle Recap

#RealMomGiftGuide Kisses for Kyle Recap


I don't really even know how to start here.  

It's taken me an entire day to put my head to my computer to share with you the heartfelt love I shared yesterday with Kisses for Kyle Foundation and their community of amazing families.

You see, I've had quite the crazy year.  And the past two months I've been running like the wild west.  Bouncing from city to country to island to snow, sun, rain.... INSANITY to say the least.  And I am ashamed to admit that on more than one occasion I doubted myself and wondering 'what on Earth am I doing?'  Oh, I can tell you there are a solid 4-5 instances this year that I found myself standing in the middle of the room asking myself the same questions.

What was I thinking?  What if I it's not enough?  Is it worth it?  What do my kids look like again?

And I can tell you within 24 hours post the event or experience where I felt that - the biggest sense of gratitude overtakes me.  And today has been no exception.  

I know I'm not perfect.  I know that I am not the smartest person or most talented or funniest.  I know that I've made mistakes in life that were my fault.  But you'll never find me denying the truth whether it's right or wrong - the truth is always there. 

You see, in 2008 when I started this blog thing, I knew that the biggest thing I was going to miss from being on the radio was being able to use my platform as a mouth piece for things bigger than myself.  And to think that after years of not being in radio, I was able to pull off the BEST charitable event I've ever been apart of?  Makes me know that what happened in 2008 was meant to be.  There was going to be something bigger than myself & without trying, I succeeded.  Whatever that success may be.  


May your holidays be filled with love, laughter and joy.  Take time to unplug and spend time with someone that you love.

Happy Holidays!