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wordless Wednesday

Redbook Magazine and Me

Redbook Mag & Me


Yeah!  My first 'real' magazine quote.  Well...kinda.  Sorta?!?!  

I mean-I was in National Geographic once.  And well....Readers Digest.  But those don't count.

Ok-so I'm lying.  I'm not smart or old enough to be in those! haha

But I am in Redbook Mag for May!  Wahoo!  

The editors email me often and I answer questions or info from them...kinda like their research board, ya know?

I mean cause REALLY.  CLEARLY by this article they are doing some hard core research from reputable people like myself! Right?

Is it bad that I bought TWO magazines?

And that I was giddy in the grocery aisle? I know you are running out right now to get the details on this awesome story.  So let me just share a tad... 

They were doing a survey 'Is this Cheating?' with case studies.  Mine was about this 30ish year old woman who is a photographer in Seattle.  She went out with her good guy friend who JUST so happens to be GAY.

They had drinks-too many to control reality I suppose-one thing lead to another-and well...

They made out. 

Or kissed.

Same thing.



Clearly.  She cheated.

Yes?  No?  Want my autograph?  


Body Image Wordless Wednesday.

Don't hate me for snagging your header, Liz! lol((I can't do these wordless Wednesday posts without words!! hahaha)

Ok. So I'm going out on a limb here.  And getting rather personal with you.  Body Image.  And ME.

It's not pretty.  Obviously.  Anyone with an 'Operation Skinny Butt' section has some serious self esteem and body image issues, ya know?

I don't know.

I stop and think about it far back as my childhood.  And yet....I tried to say 'NAWWWW. I JUST became psycho with food."

That's a lie.  FOR SURE.

I broke my rule of 'no longer than 3 minutes' for a video.

That shows you how I feel about this.

Share your story with Liz & Christine.  They are big #GeekHer moms.  Join in, please.  Open up your heart and face your body image fears. 

My Special Box

Today is like Thursday?!?!?!  Where on earth did this week go?

So I wanted to share something with you.  Something that is close to my heart.

Yesterday was 'Wordless Wednesday' and I totally missed it.  So today..... I'm sharing my picture..and my heart.


My God Box.

It's a box...where I put all the really important things in my life inside.

Now mind parents, husband & son don't all fit in that box...

But their likeness does.

And everyday...I'm giving it to God.

Cause sometimes....many times for me.....

There just are things in life totally out of your control.

And you just gotta give it to God.

((Hopefully he doesn't give it back.  =) lolol))

Do you have a special place?  Would love to hear.....

xoxox Joey


Wordless Wednesday - Fortman Holiday

There is a new VERY cool app (new for me) from iTunes called 360 Panarama.

Here's my warm living room.  Where Thomas, Sir Topham Hat, Percy and all our friends say hello.

Merry Christmas!

Wordless Wednesday

I'm NEVER good at doing these 'worldless'.

But maybe this is self explanatory.