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Truly Custom Cakery

Check out Truly Custom Cakery!!  Stacey has become a good friend of mine-all through the power of facebook.

I got the chance to sit down with her personally and her her story.

Nothing like meeting a MOM on a MISSION! 

She needed something 'more' in her addition to being a 'mom' and her hobby has made her a CAKESTAR!

Be sure to check her out on facebook:

Also, look at her AMAZING website to see her gorgeous masterpieces.  Makes my mouth water now!!!

If you get a cake from Stacey-be sure to tell her you saw it on Real Mom Media!  =)

My Royal Wedding

Ok, so mine was more regal.  K?!?!?! ha

I'm not a super fashionista.  Ok-I love my yoga pants & tank tops.

But I can't help by feel all warm looking at the glorious pictures from the big wedding.  What I love is that she's a 'commoner'.  You know.  Someone like u and me!

Can you imagine???  I mean for me.. When I look at my wedding pictures I start to dream about the event.  And think about what I wouldn't do to go back to that special weekend in Key West.

It's so amazing how much my life has changed since then. 

I get reminded of how beautiful I looked and felt that day often.

I have pictures hung up in my bedroom...and on more than one occasion Boston has said 'Look Mommy!  You're a Princess!'

It makes me smile.  And realize. Yes.  I was a princess.  Or at least I felt like one that day.

My sister-in-law & IEverything about my wedding was perfect.

I actually picked the bridesmaid dresses out first...and then found the wedding dress.  I wanted something sleeveless..but this bottom of my dress was identical to the bottom of the bridesmaid dresses.

When I see the pics of the new princess (EVERYWHERE)'s fun to see her happiness.  Her smile in infectious.  Can you even possibly imagine the thoughts running through her head?!?!?!?  To be able to bottle up that moment forever!

Check out little girl on left! HahahaOne of my favorite pics of the big event is the one with them kissing on the balcony and the adorable little girl looking like she's in misery from the sounds! ha.  Too funny.  It makes the event seem that much more human to me. 


How about your wedding day?  What was something funny that happened or was caught on camera?

Movie Trailer Marriage

Our engagement in front of the AlamoNo.. I didn't say Trailer Park Marriage!!!

Today was my 4th anniversary to my dear husband.

And I can say he's tucked in bed with our's been the best anniversary thus far.

It started with him emailing me yesterday:


be prepared after dinner to go to a coffee shop and go back and forth with 20 different things.....your list should be things that you love about me and things that you remember that have happened in our 4 years that you love.  i've got a couple great ones so far.


Made me TOTALLY smile hard.

I really don't even know where to begin with the thouth of what the last 4 years have been.  I can tell you that many couples wouldn't have made it this far... They would have failed.  Given up.

But we're still here.  Fighting this battle of life together.

In the past six months there has been a few things that has come my way that showed how honored I am to be his wife. You see...many wives get angry and upset with their husbands when they don't stick up for them...

Husband & WifeNot me though.  My husband believes in me.  No matter what stupid thing I did.  No matter what issue I caused...he still believes in me. 

I can't begin to tell you how special my husband is. 

And since he's mine...I wouldn't want to give away all his qualities so that other women desire a man like him.  =)

Here's a little trailer I put together from our wedding video.  Adding in just a touch of the beautiful creation in our world.

Let love live.


Here is my post from previous anniversaries:

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Don't forget your HUBBY over the Holiday!

Yes.  I know. And I TOTALLY believe that the holidays are for the kiddos! 

But... with me KNOWING good and well my husband will be off for a few days as will the rest of the world enjoying the quietness of the holidays....

That means in between putting new batteries in toys & picking up empty boxes and wrapping paper I actually have to have a CONVERSATION with my husband! hahaha

This morning I opened up my Parenting Mag and saw a great article I'd love to share.

I use to always say to my husband when we were dating (and still do on occasion) tell me something I don't already know about you?  He usually got annoyed but oh well. lol

6 Ways to Get to Know Him Again - Great questions to ask your husband -

Carrie Underwood Mama's Song

I came across this song tonite.  And sadly, I've never heard it.

I swear.  Ever since the day that I wasn't on the air...Wait.  Ever since I had a KID...I haven't listened to the radio like I use to.

Music has such powerful and moving emotions. 

I remember knowing the words to EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. that was on the radio!

I remember on the air at my very first radio job.  It was a country station in Kentucky.  My college boyfriend broke my heart.  And I would bawl my freakin' eyes out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. in the studio! hahaha.  (((You know.  Country = my man ran off with my dog & my sister.  He didn't really do that though! ha.  We were just young.)))

I pretty much left that format after that time....cause it was so emotional.

I might try and dabble in it again.  I miss the aura that goes with country music...and country listeners. 

Their good old boys and girls! =)

Anyway.. Carrie Underwood has always beeon one of my favorites.  And this song is no less.

You can see how proud her Mama is of her. 

And although it's about Carrie getting's also about the bond of a Mother and Daughter.

I'm so blessed.....honored....and lucky to have the relationship I have with mine.

She's the most amazing woman in the world.

Love you Mama.