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New with LG at #CES2016 #LGMomCES

Ok, let's just get this out there right off the bat. 

I had no clue that LG had so many incredible products coming out this year!  And... I only knew that LG had phones so to see all the life changing products hitting the market - an eye opener to say the least!  Let's just start with the sexiest - eh - prettiest of products for every household. 

The LG Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:  HOM-BOT Turbo+

I can give you the scientific explanation or I can give you the real mom meaning.  Let's just put it out there.... A VACUUM CLEANER THAT CAN CLEAN THE HOUSE ITSELF!  Yes!  This vacuum functions by scanning the room with the eyes on the vacuum and then they know where to go & what to clean. The smart feature is called Home-Joy and it allows consumers to issue instructions to the vacuum by designating areas that need extra cleaning by usign the camera of a smartphone.  Their trademarked 'triple eye' camera sensor records the area tracking where it already cleaned. 

All of this sounds incredible right?  My question is - does it come with a cabana boy? ha. 


lg gizmo from ces 2016

The wearables are all the rage these days and after spending a week at CES - I can assure you I'm SERIOUSLY considering one for myself AND my kids!  LG has delivered a round 2 for the Gizmo Pal.  Wearables for kids totally can take place of that device that you are mad at yourself for giving them!  (Ok, so that is my house-but maybe you can relate! lol)

The Gizmo Gadget is the Gizmo Pal 'bigger sibling'.  This is a product available with Verizon Wireless so swing into your local store to hear more!



I am so in love with this new item I might CRY!  ha.  Actually, maybe not - but it's definitely a life saver for many moms out there!  And potentially after ours just crashed while I was in Vegas - I might really be thinking about buying one of these. 

Get this.  A washing machine that can clean 2 loads at once AND it comes with a remote control!!!  INSANITY I tell ya!


My fave is the washer by far.  But to know that they do so many other things outside of phones & TV's I'm dying to learn more about the brand!  

What is your dream LG product?




This is a sponsored post by Living in Digital Times & LG at the Consumer Electronics Show. 



Selena Gomez Periscopes for the First Time #MyRealMomAdventures

Selena Gomez Periscopes for the First Time #MyRealMomAdventures

Selena Gomez First Periscope at the #HotelT2 Premiere

selena gomez transylvania

I'm so excited about finally being able to share this!  

#MyRealMomAdventures is something that I pondered up when I was invited to two totally different things a couple weeks ago.  The one thing that was similar to both?  They invited Boston to come along too!  How sweet, right? He was a star.  I was so beyond proud of him and his behavior.  SHOCKING considering 2 celebrities, trains, planes & automobiles, a commercial shoot that lasted almost 12 hours, 2 GIANT cities.... Would he survive and would I SURVIVE? hahaha

It was worth every second for me.  What memories with that little dude. 

Hotel Transylvania 2 Premiere in Miami

There are really so many things I can say about this trip - but hopefully you'll catch the 13 minute vide recap!  See SELENA GOMEZ DO THE WHIP NAE NAE & EVEN HER VERY FIRST TIME PERISCOPING!!  



#RealMomsRock Ricki Randazzo

This past weekend I got a last minute random invite to attend a junket for a new movie called Ricki & the Flash!  I was actually in my hometown visiting with my family when I got the invite.  And for the 1st time in forever - I actually was invited to do something non-blogger bash related! lol It was something I LOVED to do when on air.  MOVIE JUNKETS!  And even though I said I was trying to SLOW DOWN (and yes, my husband made it TOTALLY clear to me that I was not slowing down yet! haha) I couldn't pass up the chance to meet Rick Springfield.  


Look, when a former jock who played plenty of Rick Springfield in her heyday gets the opportunity to head off to NYC to HANG with the ever so famous creator of JESSE'S GIRL - I'm IN!!  I was all over that opportunity.   One of my favorite things to do when I first got into the radio space was to do movie junkets!  I LOVED it. Chicago was the best.  I remember meeting Channing Tatum... Oh.. wait - focus Joey.  Back to Ricki! ha

Upon arrival to NYC I met up with a few of my favorite blogging buddies and we headed over to the Sony offices to catch the movie before we interviewed the stars. .  I can't really even begin to tell you what it felt like sitting in that theatre.  It was REALLY surreal.  I mean, think about how many movie stars sat in those seats?  I was nervous that I would get in trouble for taking pics or interrupting the movie!!  I know, right.  So silly.  But I didn't take a pic OF the screen.  Just one of me FACING the screen.  


We got treated to a lovely makeup experience along with some great treats before heading out to dinner.  I got my eyelashes put on - which I am officially obsessed with, thank you Kim Pirella my former NickMomCoHost!  The pic was before the lashes -------> But by the time I got done and we went to dinner at a BBQ joint, I forgot to take a pic!  Then eating BBQ?  All bets were off. ha.  Either way, it was super fun to hang out and get our makeup, lashes & hair done.  

Ricki & the Flash coming to theaters August 7th!  Check back for Minutes with Meryl & Motherhood.  

What My Mom and Garth Brooks Have In Common





HELLO MURRAY STATE!! (My alma mater - don't laugh people. Racers Racers-YEE HAW! lol My memory always returns to college when I think about Garth!)

Yeah, so what does my mom and Garth Brooks have in common?  A whole heck of a lot!  For one...

Garth is Country.  My mom is COUNTRY. (Born and raised in Kentucky, she was.  She says ya'all, fixin and it ain't done it well! ha)  Garth is from Oklahoma - but we won't hold that against him.  =)

But also, a song.  One called 'Mom'. 

For a man who has made his mark in music on a big scale, Garth Brooks will forever be a family name in our house.  Obviously with selling over 134 million albums-he's a family name in many houses!  In my radio days - my first job was for a country station in Kentucky.  I remember getting to go to a concert with my mom and how excited she was to see the show.  I took my mom to check out LeeAnn Womack.  It was in 2000 when I Hope You Dance rocked the charts.  I remember it just like it was yesterday. It was really my moms first concert and she was so cute about it!  She said to LeeAnn 'next time you're in St. Louis - come over for biscuits and gravy!'  And of course LeeAnn knew my moms name and called her Ida. 

It was awesome. 

Everything about that experience with my mom was just dreamy. It was a time in my life when my college boyfriend dumped me so my mama being around was all I cared about!  She came and visited me often that year.  It really warms my heart thinking about it.  This was actually the first and ONLY concert my mom has ever been to.  Wouldn't it be great to take her to see & meet Garth?  Hmmmm. 

In fact.  What I wouldn't do to take my mom backstage to meet Garth in CONCERT!!!  Yep, for a man who has said he retired-he sure returns a lot! ha. Brilliant biz move on his end.  But yes, Garth has a new album with an AWESOME new single called "MOM"!  The album drop goes hand in hand with his partnership with GhostTunes, a new music site.  AND HE'S TOURING AGAIN!  

In case you didn't know, Garth is the highest profile artist to hold out on the digital music scene.  He's actually been asked if he thought todays generation would even listen to his music and know what it's like to experience Garth live.  I guess you can say he's got a great attitude about it all because he is calling it the 'Official Wheelchair & Walker Tour'. ha

Ok, back to the MOM part.  So, his new single "Mom" has such a beautiful story to it.  And in honor of his new single  - he's doing a cool concert with YOUR MOM!!  Huh?  Yeah!  Well sort of.  MAYBE!  You could be enjoying a concert with YOUR MOM! 

He's giving away one lucky winner and their mom an experience to travel to a Garth Show!  In celebration of Garth Brooks brand new single, he's partnered with GhostTunes and one lucky mom and guest will win the opportunity to see Garth in concert complete with hotel and airfare!  

So share, sign up, register, scream from the mountain tops and above all SIGN UP FOR GHOSTTUNES  AND DOWNLOAD HIS ALBUM TO ENJOY MOM!

GhostTunes is the only place you can get it!

Find GhostTunes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & more!

Have you ever been to a Garth Show?  What is your favorite Garth song?



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