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New with LG at #CES2016 #LGMomCES

Ok, let's just get this out there right off the bat. 

I had no clue that LG had so many incredible products coming out this year!  And... I only knew that LG had phones so to see all the life changing products hitting the market - an eye opener to say the least!  Let's just start with the sexiest - eh - prettiest of products for every household. 

The LG Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:  HOM-BOT Turbo+

I can give you the scientific explanation or I can give you the real mom meaning.  Let's just put it out there.... A VACUUM CLEANER THAT CAN CLEAN THE HOUSE ITSELF!  Yes!  This vacuum functions by scanning the room with the eyes on the vacuum and then they know where to go & what to clean. The smart feature is called Home-Joy and it allows consumers to issue instructions to the vacuum by designating areas that need extra cleaning by usign the camera of a smartphone.  Their trademarked 'triple eye' camera sensor records the area tracking where it already cleaned. 

All of this sounds incredible right?  My question is - does it come with a cabana boy? ha. 


lg gizmo from ces 2016

The wearables are all the rage these days and after spending a week at CES - I can assure you I'm SERIOUSLY considering one for myself AND my kids!  LG has delivered a round 2 for the Gizmo Pal.  Wearables for kids totally can take place of that device that you are mad at yourself for giving them!  (Ok, so that is my house-but maybe you can relate! lol)

The Gizmo Gadget is the Gizmo Pal 'bigger sibling'.  This is a product available with Verizon Wireless so swing into your local store to hear more!



I am so in love with this new item I might CRY!  ha.  Actually, maybe not - but it's definitely a life saver for many moms out there!  And potentially after ours just crashed while I was in Vegas - I might really be thinking about buying one of these. 

Get this.  A washing machine that can clean 2 loads at once AND it comes with a remote control!!!  INSANITY I tell ya!


My fave is the washer by far.  But to know that they do so many other things outside of phones & TV's I'm dying to learn more about the brand!  

What is your dream LG product?




This is a sponsored post by Living in Digital Times & LG at the Consumer Electronics Show. 



#RealMomHacks 7 Great Products to Organize Your Family


I know that you think I'm kinda cool.  Fun.  AND I MAY **LOOK** put together from the outside?  But my life is the definition of chaos.  For YEARS - chaos fueled me.  I loved running 1,000 miles an hour and digging into unique ways to kick off the new year. 

This year?  I am sooo tired. SOOO tired. Did I mention tired?  Yes.  I am. 

And as I get older worker harder is not something I think my mind and body will be able to officially handle!  So, my job is to help you have a more normal life.  Ready?


7 Great Products to Organize Your Family

BREAD TIES FOR WIRES - YES!  Those bread ties that end up all over your house?  Use them to LABEL your cords! 

WIRE BASKETS FOR STUFF - Of course those wire baskets are great for your bananas, but how about containing things in your life that makes you go bananas when you can't find it!

PAINTED KEYS - The WORST is not knowing which key is which!  Paint them with different finger nail polish colors to keep track of them!

PLASTIC BAG DISPENSER - This is BRILLIANT!  I actually started making one but haven't gotten it finished yet.  But check out where I got the idea here!  Take a disinfectant container, clean it out, roll up your grocery bags, decoracte container and put the tip of the bags out the top!

SHOPPING BAG PRETTY STORAGE - In my effort this past weekend to purge my crazy life - I found Tiffany Bags empty and lonely!  We used the boxes as small containers and the bags I put on the wall to put pencils in! 

PVC PIPES - Those pesky bathroom products need a home!  PVC pipes are great for containing them so they don't end up all over the counters!

MAGNETIC STRIP ORGANIZER - Instead of posting your knives on them - use them for hair pins!  For clippers and other pieces that get easily lost in the bathroom!

HP ePrint Wireless Printer Review

HP ePrint Wireless Printer Review


When I got an office I ended up moving my printer.  And needless to say-I've been meaning to get a new one since I can't print out ANYTHING at my house for oh... MONTHS.

To be frank-I didn't like the 'old printer' that much.  It was a pain in the rear.

So much so....that I stopped doing any crafting/scrapbooking because I got so tired running UP and dOWN and uP and dOWN the stairs to print.  


Momma's got a GREAT new toy. 

The HP DJ3052A e-All-In-One Printer is awesomeness.  And I MEAN that.  

I can actually sit downstairs and PRINT all the way upstairs without having to chase all over the house to get it!!!

This printer is wireless and it connects via our home wireless network.  It was super easy to set up

Best part?  I can print pics of my little monkey from my iPhone and iPad anytime I want.  No more emailing to self-then connecting to printer-then printing pain.  

Piece of cake right?

Now check out my Printing Party.

HP DJ3052A e-All-In-One Printer was provided for this review from MomSelect &  Shop till ya drop sistas!

Italians Ban Plastic Bags!

I know...for a FACT that I am VERY bad at this. 

Sadly, I have about 20 reuseable grocery bags...but yet, I ALWAYS seem to forget them at home.  OR.. I'll remember them and put them in the car-but FORGET to take them in...


Anyway-According to the BBC, Italy has some seriously bad issues with plastic bags and they are banning them.  They use 20 billion bags a year!!  That's roughly 300 per person.

Um. Yeah.  That's just LITTLE Italy... imagine what the world is doing?  Myself included.

So... I'm going to make a more conscience (sp?) effort and USE my recycleable bags.

How about you?  What are you planning in the new year to recycle?

((And no... your kids & husband don't count.  =)  ))

Miss You Zoya... bunches.

Ya know. I debated whether or not I'd write this.

Just because I don't want people to think 'wow, she has a HOUSEKEEPER'.

When truly, at the heart of it.

Zoya was more than that.

Zoya is from Poland... and she's been cleaning our house 2x a month... for almost 2 years now.

Yes.  We are in a recession.  Trust me, I KNOW that.

Different people spend their money on different things.  For instance, you may not be able to make your house payment... but you took a safari to Africa. 

Just cause you're broke.... doesn't mean you have to stop living!

I'm so getting off track here.

Back to Zoya... and why her leaving made me and Boston sad.....