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Shane Co $1000 Photo Contest

I just spent an absolutely amazing getaway in Turks & Caicos at the All Inclusive Beaches Resort.

I really don't know if I can talk about it outside of completely drooling today after being home for a day to compress.

So, let me just tell you about one of my favorite things to do!

TAKE SELFIES!! Yeah, you don't need a party posse to get great selfies!

Shane Co has always had a beautiful piece of my heart on my hands.

Or should I say my hands have sang the joy of Shane Company for the past 7 years. Whoa. I've been married for SEVEN years? That's pretty insane to think about it.

Well, originally my husband was going to go with me on this trip but his work trumped travel and he had to stay back. I was heartbroken about it since his work has basically taken over our lives and this was one trip that I couldn't wait to do with him.

I will tell you though. I did find a piece of him constantly shining on me.

My wedding rings.

Yes, he got them at Shane Co. years ago. So, when I was playing with my iphone and the time and took this shot? I knew this was the shot I was going to be putting in this post.

No, you can't see the shiny diamond in there. But you can see the shine on my face. I was smiling big because I was thinking about my wedding day. On a beach in Key West.

Doesn't get much better than that, does it?

Well, take a shot of yourself wearing your piece from Shane Co. for a chance to win $1000 Shane Co. gift card! Post the pic on their Facebook Contest page. Contest ends on October 27th. See contest rules for full details.


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Shane Co.. The opinions and text are all mine.

Defying My Age with Pantene

Defying Age with Pantene


I never in a million years thought I'd be 'one of those people'.  You know. The ones who FREAK OUT ABOUT GETTING OLD.  You see, I always thought getting old was classy.  And that no matter what I'd always be blessed with my perfect skin & hair.  Not to mention my awesome blue eyes.

Along came babies.  And some SERIOUS instance of humility. 

My hair fell out. My face blew up.  My body STILL hasn't stopped growing & my mind is no where as sharp as it use to be. 

And yes.  That is the makings of someone after kids. 

To think that we DREAM about being moms from a very young age, right?  Glutton for punishment!

Ha.  Totally worth every second of it. 

Truth be happens to EVERYONE.  No matter what the goals are.  But if there is any chance to slow down the process?  I'm ALL over it. 

One thing I know for sure that has stayed the test of time is my hair.  I've LOVED my hair.  I may not like the way my body feels at a certain time - but when I wash my hair, toss some curls in and some products - I always feel like a whole new woman.  

I'm really glad that Pantene invited me to take part in this campaign.  For a very big reason.

I got my hair did. 

Life is so busy as a mom.  It seems to never stop.  And for this to come along during the holidays?

Dreams come true, I tell ya.  It couldn't have come at a better time, that's for sure. 

I visited a local salon and got a blowout.  They used the age defying products by Pantene.  I went in feeling all frumpy and lumpy and came out walking like I owned that sidewalk!!  It was so awesome.  I loved it.  

The only thing that I wish for?  That I could get my hair done with that kind of head massage after every use of their products! ha.  (Yes. The head massage was insanely awesome.)

So to bring that fabulous feeling home - Pantene has formulated products to help you feel your best hair day.

The AgeDefy line by Pantene reduces breakage, prevents split ends, controls the frizzies & minmizes dryness.

Do something for YOURSELF today...go get your hair 'did'!



Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Pantene via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the Real Mom Media and are not indicative of the opinions of Pantene or Momtrends. 

Escape to the Cape Congress Hall


Just the thought of Congress Hall makes my heart thump with excitement.

My friend Debbie & I are producing a fab retreat to Congress Hall.  It's going to be a fun filled RELAXING couple days during a great time to be at the Shore!!!  October is a FABULOUS time for a girlfriends getaway, don't you think?

Escape to the Cape

A Lifestyle Retreat for Women

October 27-29, 2013

We invite you to relax, refresh and renew at the 2013 Congress Hall Retreat!  Whether you are looking for a solitary escape or the perfect excuse for an affordable trip with your closest girlfriends, you’ll be tempted by our special package rates for October 27-29, 2013.  

Wine tasting and gourmet chocolate sampling is just one of the treats in store for our guests.  Wellness and beauty experts will provide tips to help you makeover your style and your health.  Professional photographers and published authors will be on-hand to inspire your artistic and literary creations.  In hands-on sessions with social media experts, you’ll learn photo-editing as well as how to use tools like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and more.  Looking to reinvent yourself or to step out of your comfort zone?  We’ll have a dating expert who will make you believe you can find love online and an entrepreneur who will talk about how to reinvent yourself after job loss, retirement, divorce or empty-nesting.  All sessions are optional, so you have plenty of free time to relax.  Stroll along the beach, join our photo walking tour or spend time at Beach Plum Farm or select from optional add-ons like spa treatments at Congress Hall’s Sea Spa.  

Packages are currently on sale featuring great rates.  

Retreat Package Includes:

  • A two-night stay at Congress Hall
  • Continental Breakfast each morning
  • Access to all sessions that are offered throughout the conference 
  • Gourmet lunch on Monday afternoon
  • A Monday evening wine, cheese and chocolate reception

Rates starting at $519.00 for a single, $663.00 for two.  

To register for the Retreat and book your package please call 888.944.1816.  

Space is limited so call now!


Real Mom Reality

Real Mom Reality


I've been waiting a few weeks before I could finally come out with my 'big announcement'.  Maybe because I wanted to really experience this.  Like anyone who walks in the door at Sono Bello in Wayne.  

Maybe because I'm so emotional about my body that I was fearful of really being honest with myself and sharing such a vulnerable moment in my life with you. 

But I've also realized...umm... if you've been following this blog at all-you ALREADY know all about the insanities I have in my head and heart about my self esteem & body image.

Gratefully, I've been blessed with hundreds of comments via here, facebook, twitter and even in person.  Your words are encouraging.  Thank you for that.

It's nice to know I'm not alone in this.

This bulge battle in life that we all fight in some way is a life long journey.  

So... with all that being said-here goes.....((GULP))

A few weeks ago, I experienced a life changer with a company called Sono Bello.  I always said-I'd never get lipo...that's way too extreme for me.  Being put to sleep and allowing someone to chip away at my years was a scary thought!

Especially now that I'm a mom.  It's like going skydiving or sailing the world.  Getting cosmetic surgery was something I always thought of as a dream come true...or a 'bucket list'. 

And this opportunity came around that was totally different than 'traditional liposuction' and I said  - why not? 

So I went for it.


I can tell you..from the moment I walked in the door at Sono Bello to the moment I've written this-I'm so glad I did. 

This post is really an intro to some really awesome information I plan to share with you about my journey to a healthier me.  I'm going to share with you my experience...the one that every person who walks in the door at Sono Bello experiences.  

I'm going to share with you the realistic expectations that even I, MISS GOOGLE MAMA couldn't find when googling 'What is Laser Assisted-Lipo?'  "Does it hurt?" What is non-invasive liposuction??  "What to expect post Lipo-Lite?"  "When can you ditch the compression garment?" "Does this make my butt look big?".  

Ok, so maybe a couple of those...ahem... slightly altered. hahaha

But the fact is.  There isn't much out there in regards to something that will change your life forever.  

Not to mention-honest words about what to expect before, during and after.

You'll be surprised at the info I have to share about Sono Bello.  I know I was when I was learning it!  

For instance...this isn't just a 'female issue'.  Men really struggle with problem areas too.  

But along the way...I want to make sure you know how I feel about this:

*Don't do this for someone else.  Do it for YOURSELF.

*There is no quick fix.  There are ways to jumpstart your life and move you in the direction to motivate you for me.  But there is NO fountain of youth....pill of magic...or instant gratification way to 'be thin'.

*Life is short.  If you don't love what your living....change it.





Fashion Friday: Fresh Produce

Fashion Friday
Fresh Produce

I can't believe I'm freakin' doing this.  

Mainly cause I STINK at anything fashion oriented since becoming a mom.  

Totally lost my touch.  And it totally bothers me.  

Cause prior to motherhood I wouldn't even THINK about wearing yoga pants or anything of elastic value out of the house.  If it tells you favorite pair of blue jeans at the time cost me $300.  

Yes.  Ludicrous, I know. 

Well...upon motherhood I lost my gorgeous wardrobe and gained 60 pounds.

Makes me want to throw up thinking about it. 

But instead of banging my head into a bowl of ice cream...I'm going to step out of my comfort zone.  

And do a Fashion Friday. 

A fellow blogger friend of mine, Jo-Lynne is AMAZING at everything sharing fashion posts.  She's such a great writer.  And she looks so well put together ALL the time.  Not just online people.  IN PERSON TOO.  

There is a great group of bloggers who do a Fashion Friday post religiously every week.  

They are great posts....but I never have anything in common with what they pick.  Not because I don't think they are gorgeous.  But because they are for skinny moms.  GASP.  

Yeah. Who would have thunk it, right? lol.

Naw..they are gorgeous women with gorgeous style-but I struggle cause skinny jeans does NOT look good on my body!


I love to hit up all the little boutique shops at the shore.  I can tell you I have NO PROBLEM finding fab & flattering clothes there.  (Just ask my husband.  Everytime I return & we review the credit card I hear about it. lol)

A few years ago, my 1st time at the shore-I bet...I found the Fresh Produce clothing line.  And have been an investor ever since!! 

This past little getaway with my husband to Cape May I visited my fave store there and their Fresh Produce was 60% off.  SHUT THE DOOR!  It got ugly in there that day. 

So needless to say when I was contacted by them to do a review I tripped over my feet at the opportunity gladly accepted.

It was REALLY not an easy decision to make when it came to picking a piece to review. 

I'm a big fan of resort wear for women.  Not only are they stylish but their comfortable AND they make you think you're at the beach when you wear them!

A big staple in my wardrove are women's cardigans.  They cover in places and help in taming down my pear shape.  

The cardigan was easy to pick but the color took me forever.  I ended up getting Sanibel Colored Standing Ovation Cardigan.  And I LOVE the color!

Photo Credits: 1st one is me.  Can I tell you how much I HATE full body shots?!?!?  Sigh.  Had to do it this time though.  The cardigan was too adorable to crop! lol  The necklace is my latest purchase from Lia Sophia.  I love coral anything.


Disclosure: Fresh Produce sponsored this review-but you bet your bootie they got their $$ worth over the years!  Just look at my love for them in my closet...might need an intervention.