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Peapod Solving Real Mom Problems #PeapodSavings

peapod review

Why hello there friends. 

Technology is an incredible thing.  The thought that I can sit right here and tell you this on my couch while I am awaiting a grocery delivery from Peapod is really absolutely golden, isn't it?

One of my anxiety triggers is the dreaded time in life to visit the grocery store for my family.  It's always tough for me cause I'm either in a giant hurry or they don't have what I need. Or even worse: MY KIDS WON'T EAT WHAT I BUY.


Now, I know this is hard to believe considering my life lives on the internet - but I NEVER shop online.  Not because I don't want to - but because I can't even get myself focused to WORK online - but do my shopping online? 

Torture!  When it's CLOTHES of course.  

But food?  Piece of cake. 

I fell in love with grocery shopping online when my son Hudson was a baby and he ran out of diapers.  I honestly thought I died and went to heaven when they delivered diapers to my front door the same day!  And the best new baby gift?  I give grocery gift cards to my new mom friends & they all love how convenient it is!  You know how painful it is to cart around a car seat all day, right?  BRUTAL!  So take the stress out of it - book through Peapod!

Everyone needs groceries, so why not make the shopping experience more convenient for you and your family?  Another great reason to love Peapod is the fact that you don't get busted shopping in the cookie aisles!  I honestly have never been better at self control than ordering Peapod! lol  If grocery deliveries can keep you from the impulse cookies aisle?  DO IT!  ha

This week we're digging into Peapod wholeheartedly.  I ordered on Friday what I want to have delivered on Monday. And since my family is heading out of town next weekend - Peapod is a no brainer!  

philly peapod



Want to see if it's in your area? Delivery Grocery Services in your area can be found all over the country!


What are the 7 things I MUST get every Peapod delivery?

- Chobani, Milk, cereal, apples, bananas, beef & broccoli

Bizzare - yes.  But lifesavers?  DOUBLE YES! lol

What are the must haves in your grocery bags?


OH - Be sure to sign up with this code to get $20 off your order and free delivery for a few months!

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Peapod $20 Off

WIN IT: Game Day Traditions


Hey friends!

Here's the deal - whoever gives the most 'love' on either of these two videos will win $50 Gift Certificate to WalMart!  

Let me preface - it was not a pretty 1st run for my family in the live pre-game.  ha.  Chaos is an understatement.  But the reality of it is - CHAOS IS MY LIFE ON GAME DAY AND EVERY DAY!!!  

So after we did the video I had a little convo with the fam and the 2nd time around they were very good listeners.  Yeah.  It was THAT TOUGH!  I often wonder how a large family really nails out the live family videos too.  

Ok, get tapping on that screen and lets rock the hearts!



Oh and be sure to visit #GameDayTraditions with WalMart for some more game day fun!


*This is a sponsored post.  My family thanks you for your contribution to our lives!

Megabus Making a Difference in NYC #BeTheEnd

megabus in NYC
megabus pink

This week I headed up to NYC to hang out with Megabus and LOVED it!

You see, every brand talks about Breast Cancer in October but Megabus brought it to the forefront in January by wrapping a bus and treating a group of survivors and their friends and family to a day in the city which included a stop of a viewing of The View at ABC studios!

I left my house at 4am to catch the 6:30 ride and loved every second!  I got there and hung out with women and really enjoyed hearing their story.  The bus ROCKED on the inside and out!  (Um, the Megabus I was on has a GIANT sunroof!  LOVED that!)

On Tuesday, every person who bought any rides with Megabus and their 100+ locations around the country, they donated $1 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation!  I heard they have an average day of 22,000 people buying bus tickets!  Check out Megabus and be sure to let them know on social that you love what you're doing! 

And... go watch my videos live from Periscope now on  I have a collection from my ride in NYC.  

Thanks Megabus for making a difference!  

Power of Children and Family #MyUnstoppableMom

plymouth meeting mall santa

Power of Children and Family #MyUnstoppableMom


Here I am just a couple weeks before Christmas and I feel like I'm down for the count.  My kids are sick, my baby literally breaks my heart when I have to drop him off at preschool & my house looks like even Santa threw up with all the wild holiday everywhere! ha.  I joke about the insanity-but it’s not all roses.  I’m actually REALLY looking forward to the two weeks of the year that everyone disappears from working & I can try and get my life in order and ready for a whole new amazing year.  

Let’s talk about Hudson for a second.  I really find it hard to think I’m unstoppable with him.  I have to talk the kid up the entire drive to his preschool and even then he breaks down EVERYDAY on me.  Nine out of ten times I crawl back in my car and bawl my own eyes out after wondering if I'm doing the RIGHT THING by putting him in pre-school after all.  I mean, both my boys learned so much at that school.  It's a great school.  But why does he sink his tears into my heart everyday? 

Actually, today was a lot better.  And I think I know why.  Cause his big brother was there to root him on.  And potentially that they are ALL out of the house and I can fumigate!  SICKNESS is the WORST! (Well, considering my husband is now down…maybe I just sit in the car and write this blog post like I always do when I need my little ‘hiding place from all the insanity’ in my life! ha.)  

FOCUS.  That word and FAMILY are really the topic this time.  

You see, Boston is a star.  He really is.  I know. EVERY MOM says that, right?  hahah.  And yes, EVERY KID is a STAR and deserves to be told how wonderful they are!  But my kids (mainly Boston because he's older but Hudson is right on track to be the same...)  My kids LOVE on the outside.  I don't know if that was something they learned from me or their experience in pre-school.  But either way, Boston is so caring when someone is hurting.  Even if it's HIM hurting his little brother. ha.  No, they really are great siblings. 

But you know when all those bells and whistles are going off in your mind and on your phone there is no sense of security in anything you’re doing.  None.  It’s run, chase tail, laundry, live, repeat.  It’s so fun & I really honestly LOVE living on the outside…but I’m looking forward to some quiet.  Even if it’s my form of quiet. My boys deserve that side of me.  I’m the queen people pleaser and I always try to do something for someone else - but man alive- who takes care of moms when the family is all in the petri dish?

Ya know, maybe my kids are my medicine.  Truth be told, yesterday I totally hated to do it - but I really wanted Hudson to experience Santa and yesterday was the ONLY day I could schedule it.  I felt like such a jerk making Boston leave the house - but I had to get that holiday picture.  That shiny - piece of perfection JUST so I could pop on social media and say yeah-my kids are cuter than yours!  Little did you NOT see the pure insanity it took to get them to look that cute. Absolute freaking insanity, ya’all.  Words can’t even explain it. ha.  

But that’s my medicine.  My kids are what cause me to slow down.  Or as Boston likes to say, ‘take a chill pill mom’.  So my chill pill lesson is that you MUST put on your oxygen mask first before I take care of the rest of the world.  That means - if I miss deadlines, cancel meetings, whatever… I have to do it for the sake of my kids.  I OWE that to them. And in fact, it takes crazed moments like this that remind me to slow down.  

Ya know there is a lot we can learn from our kids. And actually kudos to my kids for reminding me the teachable lessons on this one.  Oh-funny story too!  I told Boston that I was proud of him for pulling it together for the 10 seconds in the pic and his response?  

“Mom, considering I am one of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Men Alive - I have got to ALWAYS be on. I have a reputation to uphold.”
I replied: “Seriously kid, where on Earth did you get that from?”
He goes into the kitchen, grabs the People Mag and opens up to this page.  

I’ve created either a monster - or the Sexiest Man Alive.  Let’s just hope the two of them turn out just fine no matter what they are!  ha.  But 25 years down the road if he shows up with magazine and one with HIM as an ADULT in it?  I will say what I say every time a photo comes out polished & looking perfect. 




Disclosure: I have been compensated by, and received information and materials from, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division, the makers of Children’s MOTRIN®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.

Editor Note:  It was honestly one of the coolest experience a mom and her son could ask for.  Yes, I was compensated cause clearly Children's MOTRIN is a brand.  But the fact that they put some seriously incredible emotion into this campaign for me personally?  I’m the lucky "CHOSEN" one!

Make sure to visit to create your own My Unstoppable Mom book cover that celebrates your unique power as seen through the eyes of your kids. For every book cover created, Children’s MOTRIN® will donate a book to a family in need, through its partnership with Scholastic. Boston created a book cover for me during our trip to New York City a few months ago to spend the day with Kelly Ripa!

Between November 2, 2015 and December 17, 2015, the makers of Children’s MOTRIN® invite legal residents of the 50 U. S.  & D.C., 18 and older, to create a storybook cover on Each eligible submission will trigger a donation from Children’s MOTRIN® of one (1) book to a family in need, via Reach Out and Read, with a minimum donation of 10,000 books ($17,500 value) and a maximum of 25,000 books ($24,000 value), through its partnership with Scholastic. See Official Rules at website for complete details.  For information about Reach Out and Read, visit

A Fearless Ghost Zapping Mom

According to Boston:

On the train to nyc

On the train to nyc

My Mom is a Fearless Ghost-Zapping Mom

I struggle. Every single day. I wonder if I'm good enough, smart enough, fast enough, talented enough. I doubt myself ridiculously in everything I do. Especially this past year. I'm in this transition in my life that often has me questioning my worth. My value & even my sense of humor.

I have the tendency to internalize all my struggles. And when something goes wrong I immediately think it's all my fault. In fact, this past year a few things happened where I had to make pretty significant changes in my professional life. Business relationship didn’t turn out the way I thought it might. It can be difficult to mix business and friendship, and that’s a lesson I learned the hard way. In the end, though, we are all moms just trying to do the best we can for ourselves and our families. We’re all unstoppable in our own way, and there’s a sense of peace that comes in recognizing that.

When you work for yourself the ebbs and flow are all over the place. There are so many times when I'm unsure of what I'm doing. But every time I learn something new that I was approaching all wrong - I focus on what I learned from that moment. But boy, as a business owner - those face plants HURT when they happen! 

Every single day I have doubts. But there is one big thing that I will NEVER doubt. I may not be able to control the actions of others - but I am 100% in control of my own. 

So what do I do to keep myself up when I can easily crawl into a hibernated state of self doubt & misery?

I wake up. I put one foot in front of the other and I FAKE IT till I MAKE IT. I don't claim to have all the right answers. In fact, 99% of the time I GOOGLE it! I am the first to admit when I did something wrong. I'm always the first to apologize because conflict gives me anxiety. 

My friend Cindy Simmons lives by ‘just be kind’ mantra like I do. She's a smart mama for sure & she too has had significant struggles in life.  Hence, Surviving Mommy is her digital home.  There are so many GREAT women in this world like Cindy who thrive on building other women up. And I got the chance to experience that while in New York in September. Not only by the other women in the campaign but from Kelly Ripa AND her daughter!

Truth be told, the opportunity to take part in this campaign with Children's MOTRIN® couldn't have come at a better time in my own life. I am often asked how I get these amazing opportunities like meeting Kelly Ripa and watching my son light up the universe with his charm.  Know what I say? 

I have absolutely no idea. 

But ya know what I have to remind myself?

This opportunity was afforded because I AM unstoppable. 

Motherhood has given me this superhero strength that only God can really create.  And when I doubt myself I look at my boys and see what genuinely caring kids they are. When they see someone hurting? They both RUN to them to cheer them up. They got that from me, I suppose. A characteristic in a human being that isn't so bad after all. Compassion. Go figure.

I'm going to continue to use myself as a platform to help others. I have a story to tell. And an opportunity to shines some light in a very dark world.  Not to mention, I have four eyes watching my every move. Two very important people growing up in this world need me to be fully aware & engaged. They need to see the difference between right and wrong. They need to see me fall but they REALLY need to see how I get back up and go for it again. 

When I first told Boston about this fun getaway in September, I knew that I wanted him to LEARN something aside from how cool he was going to be after doing an ad campaign with Children's Motrin® & Kelly Ripa.  Did I know what kind of 'teachable moment' this whole experience was going to be? Not a clue. Boy am I grateful though for seeing those teachable moments for what they are.

This experience with Children's Motrin® happened for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. I am on a mission in 2016 to focus on the positive. The raw, unedited - yet polished - part of living. During this video shoot, Kelly Ripa was a shining example. Funny story... so she was shooting with Boston and her crew was sitting in seats watching the shoot and I leaned forward and asked an adorable woman to snap a pic of Boston's smile for me because I couldn't see She was all over it!  She smiled, was attentive to my questions and even commented on what an adorable boy he was. I didn’t know it at the time but guess who that girl turned out to be? KELLY RIPA'S DAUGHTER!! 

So if Kelly Ripa, one of the brightest stars in television can raise amazing kids that are kind, thoughtful and genuinely GREAT people? We ALL can do this. This world is giant. There is plenty of room in it for all of us to live. 

And ya know what else? 



Meet my amazing mom friends!  Becky, penelope, kristin, amanda, heather & kelly!!!

Meet my amazing mom friends!  Becky, penelope, kristin, amanda, heather & kelly!!!


I have been compensated by, and received information and materials from, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division, the makers of Children’s MOTRIN®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.

Visit to create your own My Unstoppable Mom book cover with your kids and celebrate your unstoppable power as a mom seen through the eyes of your kids! Also, visit #MyUnstoppableMom to learn more about how the makers of Children’s MOTRIN® are supporting literacy for those in need. 

Also, hop on over to Twitter, December 3 at noon ET for a twitter chat with #MyUnstoppableMom & the other awesome moms who experienced this journey with me.