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Three Things NOT To Do On Periscope #RealMomTruth

Are you on Periscope? 

You TOTALLY should be!  

This year I have set myself up for a big, fat, slap of reality.  Reality in every direction of my life.  From family to friends, business, neighbors, all of it.  Even you.  My dear 5 friends that still come back here in hopes of getting the REAL Joey to return.  You have all made it abundantly clear that I have to step out from behind a keyboard and in front of the truth.  So, that is what I'm doing.  I'm going to #LiveYourTruth.  I won't always call myself out - but if I do - it will be visually.  Instagram or on Periscope.  Mainly Periscope because I believe wholeheartedly in authenticity.  And hiding behind a computer screen really stifles the authenticity of the person in front of it.  So, living the truth.

My friend Cindy Simmons and I are on a journey of self discovery.  Living life out loud.  And using it as a sense of accountability for ourselves.  Starting this month you will find #RealityMoms on Periscope with our #RealMomScopes Show.  Yes, I know.  How do you have a duo titled with a hashtag?  Lame, right?  Nope.  Brilliant.  And we're sharing why in our show so WATCH US!!!  lol

Ok, aside from that entirely shameless plug - let's talk about the popular P place.  

Three Things NOT to do on Periscope

1) Don't scope the Pope. 

WHAT?  Yeah.  Not necessarily the Pope but important people in your life.  Don't do it UNLESS you have 100% gotten them signed off on broadcasting them.  **You can rip them in your blogs but a PUBLIC & LIVE broadcast?  Eh...NO.  Be the bigger person.  (Don't rip them in your blog either unless it's a subtle and no one knows. Ahem.)

It's funny because my friend Cindy and I were just talking about this the other day.  She scoped someone at a conference we were at and that someone totally jumped her for scoping near her kids!  Which is totally fine and understandable, but it was a SOCIAL MEDIA EVENT!  Not to mention, there is no privacy with kids anymore.  

Notice that I'm NOT saying that you should do it.  I am saying, if you DO know the people in your scope then by all means let them know ahead of recording.  And don't get mad if they shoot you down.  It's their life truth too.  But pissing off a family member is NOT worth the scope session.  Promise. 

2) Don't cuss.  

I know.  I find myself cussing.  A LOT on Periscope.  In fact... just today, a guy was harassing me and I blurted out to him to go "f" himself.  Oh yes.  Classy of me, I know. I do it because I KNOW my mother is not watching it.  Cause she would have disowned me by now.  But that is a BAD thing.  I am now going to act as if my mother IS watching it. So mind your manners, Joey.  And you too who grabs that scope time.  Think about it it as if 'What would I NEVER do in front of my mother' and then LIVE it.  At least in your live broadcast. **Editors NOTE:  She IS watching it. Game over. lol

3)  Don't lie.  

Don't lie to yourself.  Your viewer. Your mother.  Just #LiveYourTruth.  If you think you need some accountability - go there!  I find myself opening up a LOT when I'm on Periscope.  Sometimes more than should be - but it's a work in progress.  But honesty is the best policy for sure!

But at the end of the day - all about REALITY!  Be REAL.  Authentic.  

***Drops the scope-mic.

By the way - leading a whole conversation at PA Conference for Women about live video and how to use it for your biz!  Are you coming?

#CyberChic on CyberMonday

This week,  I attended a great party to celebrate Cyber Monday. What a great way to spend a day of shopping than seeing some chic items to put on your Christmas list. 

The event was hosted at Dave & Buster’s who donated yummy lunch and the location. Speaking of food,  Whole Foods brought a live cheese monger and swag bags. Swag bags were stuffed with Medifast waterbottles and pedometers, WashdropsFake Bake self-tanner, and Bic Shave & Trim razors. Additional raffle prizes were provided by PlanToys, The Kimmel Center, Fake Bake and more!

Now to the fab stuff!

Like these stacks of Joseph Nogucci jewelry! Something for everyone and every outfit!

cyberchic nogucci


stacks by @babypop and @JulieMPron

Another great find were the Emilie M handbags! These bags are luxurious but are all under $100! These are perfect for any woman on your list this year.  

Can I tell you how excited I was that I WON???  I didn't get my favorite one as I was too busy talking that someone else grabbed it - lol - but the one I got from Emilie M handbags is just delightful.  LOVE it!


The event wasn't just about shopping and swag. This was about charity as well.  Goodwill.orgChampions4Kids and Alex’s Lemonade were featured to highlight the amazing work they are doing in our communities! Goodwill is providing tons of job training in our communities. Champions4Kids is partnering with Matt’s Stocking this holiday – attendees brought stocking stuffers to donate to this incredible organization that supports families that have lost children.

We are very focused on charity and giving back at Real Mom Media so it was a thrill to be able to get out for a few hours and enjoy lunch with some amazing women at Dave & Busters in Plymouth Meeting.  

And the fact that I learned a lot and brought home a handbag?  SCORE!

Be sure to check out these amazing companies for your #CyberChic Shopping!

Joya App Review

Joya App Review


As you likely know (if you've been here before) I LOVE to shoot video.  It's kind of 'what I do'.  Video is my way to communicate to family who live far away!  If it's not via facetime - it's via video.  

And there is a reason for that.

I SUCK at writing. 

Really.  Can't tell?  Hmpf.  Coulda fooled me! lol

But seriously.  I have such a harder time expressing myself in writing than via video.  I just open my iphone and shoot - edit - send.  It's great because my family loves getting the fun videos I do.  And in reality, not EVERY video I do I want to end up on facebook or some social outlet. 

I was invited to review this app on iTunes called Joya.

I love it!!!

Joya gives me the ability to send and receive videos privately.  Joya is different than just regularly emailing a video from your phone in that it doesn't matter the size your file is!  I LOVE that!  And my family members who don't have an iPhone?  That's totally ok.  I can email them the links and they don't need an iPhone to watch the videos.  

Modern technology is amazing, isn't it?

Check them out on iTunes and download Joya for FREE!

For more on Joya, please visit the iTunes store or Web site at You can also follow Joya on Twitter @getjoya or like them on Facebook. #joya



This is a sponsored post-but I don't share something I don't believe in or use myself.  We LOVE Joya!

Disney Story App Review

Disney Story App Review


This past weekend was a whirlwind of Disney for me family!  You see, I got invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.  With that - my family and I hopped on a plane to experience the magic!

While at Disney - the social media moms got to learn about all the great things in store for Disney in the future.  One of which I'm LOVING right now!

Loving is putting it lightly.  Try OBSESSED.

The Disney Story App in iTunes.

Super awesomeness.

I might as well toss out my old scrapbooking products cause technology is taking over in a big way!

The new Disney Story App is now available on iTunes. It is SOOOO easy that even my non-tech-dad could upload a 'story'!  Check it out on iTunes - and check my 'Disney Story' out too!




*This is NOT a sponsored post.  I actually want to share because I'm a tech junkie and LOVE it!  We did however get invited to an exclusive trip that WE paid for ourselves at Disney...all opinions are our own.  =)

#JBFPhilly Twitter Party

Are you new to consignment shopping? Or are you a pro? 

To help you get the inside scoop for consigning, be sure to join the Twitter party on Tuesday, March 12 from 8-9pm {EST}.

Party Topic


Join @JBFPhilly, @joeyfortman, and @TheStephGlover, as we chat all about consignment shopping! The party will be held on Tuesday, March 12 from 8-9  p.m. ET (7CT, 6MT, 5PT).

Party Details


  • What: #JBFPhilly Twitter party
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