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What My Mom and Garth Brooks Have In Common





HELLO MURRAY STATE!! (My alma mater - don't laugh people. Racers Racers-YEE HAW! lol My memory always returns to college when I think about Garth!)

Yeah, so what does my mom and Garth Brooks have in common?  A whole heck of a lot!  For one...

Garth is Country.  My mom is COUNTRY. (Born and raised in Kentucky, she was.  She says ya'all, fixin and it ain't done it well! ha)  Garth is from Oklahoma - but we won't hold that against him.  =)

But also, a song.  One called 'Mom'. 

For a man who has made his mark in music on a big scale, Garth Brooks will forever be a family name in our house.  Obviously with selling over 134 million albums-he's a family name in many houses!  In my radio days - my first job was for a country station in Kentucky.  I remember getting to go to a concert with my mom and how excited she was to see the show.  I took my mom to check out LeeAnn Womack.  It was in 2000 when I Hope You Dance rocked the charts.  I remember it just like it was yesterday. It was really my moms first concert and she was so cute about it!  She said to LeeAnn 'next time you're in St. Louis - come over for biscuits and gravy!'  And of course LeeAnn knew my moms name and called her Ida. 

It was awesome. 

Everything about that experience with my mom was just dreamy. It was a time in my life when my college boyfriend dumped me so my mama being around was all I cared about!  She came and visited me often that year.  It really warms my heart thinking about it.  This was actually the first and ONLY concert my mom has ever been to.  Wouldn't it be great to take her to see & meet Garth?  Hmmmm. 

In fact.  What I wouldn't do to take my mom backstage to meet Garth in CONCERT!!!  Yep, for a man who has said he retired-he sure returns a lot! ha. Brilliant biz move on his end.  But yes, Garth has a new album with an AWESOME new single called "MOM"!  The album drop goes hand in hand with his partnership with GhostTunes, a new music site.  AND HE'S TOURING AGAIN!  

In case you didn't know, Garth is the highest profile artist to hold out on the digital music scene.  He's actually been asked if he thought todays generation would even listen to his music and know what it's like to experience Garth live.  I guess you can say he's got a great attitude about it all because he is calling it the 'Official Wheelchair & Walker Tour'. ha

Ok, back to the MOM part.  So, his new single "Mom" has such a beautiful story to it.  And in honor of his new single  - he's doing a cool concert with YOUR MOM!!  Huh?  Yeah!  Well sort of.  MAYBE!  You could be enjoying a concert with YOUR MOM! 

He's giving away one lucky winner and their mom an experience to travel to a Garth Show!  In celebration of Garth Brooks brand new single, he's partnered with GhostTunes and one lucky mom and guest will win the opportunity to see Garth in concert complete with hotel and airfare!  

So share, sign up, register, scream from the mountain tops and above all SIGN UP FOR GHOSTTUNES  AND DOWNLOAD HIS ALBUM TO ENJOY MOM!

GhostTunes is the only place you can get it!

Find GhostTunes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & more!

Have you ever been to a Garth Show?  What is your favorite Garth song?



DISCLOSURE:  Compensation was provided by GhostTunes via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Ghost Tunes or MomTrends. 

Real Mom Holiday Gift Guide

Real Mom Holiday Gift Guide


I'm so super excited to be able to launch this FABULOUS holiday guide!

We have worked our tails off around here collecting THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in toys to benefit the sweet kids who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

I can't even imagine what life is like for these kids who had their homes turned upside down.

Please support these AMAZING manufacterers who kindly donated their toy inventory to make a difference.

All this month on Real Mom Radio (95.7 Ben FM in Philly and listen online at we are sharing these hot toys and all the FUN they have with them!  Listen to compare and get out to get the 'goods' for your families.

Cheers to a JOYOUS HOLIDAY SEASON & our hard work of getting over $10,000 worth of toys for kids!!





Max and Ruby Nutcracker Suite Tower Theater

Max and Ruby

Nutcracker Suite

Tower Theater


Yes, if you are a parent to a toddler you DEFINITELY know the 'Max & Ruby.... Ruby & Max' theme song with these two funfilled characters!




Real Mom Radio is giving away family 4 packs to the shows, December 8th at 1 & 4 pm AND cash!!

Here's how to win:

* Upload a video to YouTube or Real Mom Media on Facebook of your Max & Ruby fans enjoying Max & Ruby!

**Ideas:  Have them dancing, singing, playing along..even playing with their stuffed Max & Ruby toys.

* Then come back HERE and post a link to your video in the comments!

We'll share all the videos throughout our facebook pages & on November 27th we'll announce the winner of 4 tickets to the show PLUS $100 CASH to enjoy!!


Good luck!  And be on the lookout for your videos to share.

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Feeling Good About Yourself

Feeling Good About Yourself


There are often times in life when you as a mother, woman & friend just want to do something different.  Something to boost your self esteem.  Help your confidence levels.

Sometimes you have to just do something for YOU.

This past March I did just that.  i visited Sono Bello in King of Prussia and really did something big for myself.

Sono Bello Body Contouring Center is accreditated by AAHC.  So what does that mean?

That means you're in the RIGHT place for to do something for YOU now that the kids are back in school!  And with this accreditation, you know you're in safe, comforting, award winning hands.

Call or go online to set up a free consultation.  Christina & her crew make you smile when you walk through the door!  The women in front are awesome!  The place is classy from the front to the back!  

Check out their exclusive Tri-Sculpt liposuction procedure or their Velashape II treatment option for that darn cellulite.

 Tell Christina, 'Joey Fortman from 95.7 Ben FM sent you!!'  (You'll get the 'good friend' treatment. =)

Want to hear my total story?  Check out my post from my awesome experience with Sono Bello!  Also, hear the interview with Christina Schmdit from Sono Bello.