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How to Price Your Items for Consignment

The Just Between Friends Oaks sale is a WEEK away!  

This is seriously the BIGGEST sale in the country.  I love Tracy (the owner) and what she does for families.  JBF (short for Just Between Friends) is a fantastic way families can sell their loved toys & kids clothing and turn it into cash!  

As a 4 time consigner, I gotta tell ya.  I cheat.  Big time. lol 

I use a valet to price my products because I just don't have the brainpower to pull it off myself.  Or the patience for that matter!  Motherhood is a tough job and I give major KUDOS and hats off to the women who nail this consignment sale!  

The #JBFPhilly sale is insanity.  Built into a week of AWESOME!  The best part when I shot at JBF is being apart of the presale.  I LOVE being one of the first to shop!  The amount of stuff surrounding the expo center (Philly Expo Center) is off the hook! 

So, when you are doing your last minute tagging - remember that there is an art to selling your stuff.  You have to price it right or you'll just get passed by!  Tracy & her crew with JBF have a great resource sheet with how to price your items here.

The guide is to help you figure out how to price your items - but there are some key things to keep in mind when pricing:

  • This is an UPSCALE resale event!  They only except good items, free of stain, holes, etc.
  • All items should be priced 1/4 -1/3 of retail, with nothing priced over 1/2 of retail, even if it's brand new. Staying within this pricing "sweet spot" will help you sell the most items during the event! • We highly recommend you DO allow your items to reduce on discount days! This means more money in your pocket, happier shoppers and less to bring home
  • Items that are NEW or in GREAT shape can be priced around 30% of original retail price.
  • We highly recommend you DO allow your items to reduce on discount days! This means more money in your pocket, happier shoppers and less to bring home!
  • Ask yourself "How much would I pay for this item on sale?"


Ok, so tomorrow I've got the goods on what they accept at JBF Oaks sale happening next week!


Drop off on Monday 5p-9p

Tuesday - all day drop off

Wednesday am - presale baby!  

Friday - great time to shop  - usually no lines!

Visit for more details!

The REAL Meaning of Christmas #RealMomBigGIVE

Yesterday was the 3rd #RealMomBigGIVE event with Kisses for Kyle Foundation at Holly Days Nursery in Horsham.  My phone died while setting up so I personally never got any pictures...and you KNOW I'm a picture nut.  I was pretty bummed about it since I didn't get to share much online before-during and after the event.... Nor did I have any to 'tell the story' of my experience.  But Boston and I really had a great heart to heart about it last night and it really felt amazing that I was FINALLY able to show him why he has grown up with a garage full of toys that he can't touch.  And the 'these are for boys & girls who need it more than us' comments all finally made total sense to him. 

So, needless to say this morning when Sharon Snyder, the mom to Kyle from Kisses for Kyle Foundation sent me a link and a million amazing pics - it was just the icing on the cake.  And it was the visual reminder that I needed to confirm that what I am doing is in the right direction.  It is ok to give more.  It is ok to believe in the good intentions of others.  It is ok to GIVE more than you RECEIVE during the holidays and the whole year for that matter. 

You see, personally, I had this internal struggle this year with so many things.  I decided I wanted to get away from the 'stuff' & anything that can be added to the 'mommy blogger' mentality with my business and get deeper into relationships that fuel my soul vs. sucking the life out it. haha.  And unfortunately, there was a LOT of soul sucking this year.  So to end it with seeing some of these amazing kids smiling again?  The best therapy in the world.

The essence of seeing my 7 year old help this little girl pick out a gift that he *thinks* she would love and she DID love?  Priceless.  Absolutely priceless.  Not to mention, I particularly love to talk to the moms of these kids.  So yesterday when I met so many amazing families who have been supported by Kisses for Kyle, I gravitated to the moms eyes.  I'm the type of person that lives for the in-person-part of life.  Yes, my job is 100% online - but there is nothing in this world that can take away two people making eye contact with each other.  I saw all kinds of eyes in front of me.  Women who sparkled with joy.  Some had pure sadness though.  Stress.  Exhaustion.  One mom I saw had a daughter going through chemotherapy at that moment.  My husband told Hudson (my 2 year old) to go give the little girl a hug and the mom stopped Hudson short of doing it.  I saw concern in her eyes.  And as another mother who has never and PRAY TO GOD never EVER has to deal with a child going through chemo, I personally wanted to hug her too.  She was super kind in saying that although she loved the thought of Hudson giving her little girl a hug, he couldn't in fear that it would compromise her immune system.  I never thought about that, honestly.  

But it totally made sense.  And then I found myself thinking about it. A child going through chemo - and she can't give or receive hugs.  As a person who lives in this life with the constant need of being touched, hugged, LOVED.... I wanted to cry for that sweet girl.  She was so full of spunk and Hudson really wanted to hug her.  She was full of funny quips and the whole cancer thing didn't seem to phase her.  I'd go on a limb to say that not everyday was a happy as yesterday was.  

Today I had lunch with a friend of mine that I've known since moving to Philly.  We ended up chatting till almost 3p!!  The best and the worst part about working for yourself.  You don't have someone working the clock with the 'proper lunch break' timing & honestly, it was a conversation I needed for a really long time.  I miss relationships with REAL women.  I feel like sometimes as women we get caught up in the gossip or the story that we forget that there are real human beings behind that story.  My conversation with my girlfriend is etched in that table we were sitting at for 2 hours & never to be repeated.  =)  But it was a really great reminder to me that no matter what someone looks like on the outside - whether it be by facebook or any other social media - until you walk a mile in their shoes - you have no idea the blisters on their toes that they're dealing with.  Or the skeletons in the closet.... 

One of the things we talked about was the blessings you receive when you become a mom.  But just like in anything, life is filled with ups and downs.  And remembering the blessings even when your house is full and you've got people digging in the fridge for food when you're TRYING to get supper on the table?  Yeah.  That house is MY HOUSE.  Not everyday - but almost every day of the week.  Insanity when the clock strikes 5!  And for many years I let that insane moment take me down cause I didn't think I could handle it.  So when I finally conquered the survival part of that crazy - it did not control me anymore than I allowed it to.  

I often wonder with these moms raising babies who get cancer.  That insane moment when you want to lose your mind over your kids turns into that moment when you want to hug them so tight that you never want to let them go.

I'm grateful for every second that my kids are healthy and living a vibrant & colorful life.  And moments like yesterday, I'm grateful to have the means to give to the 200 plus families who came.  And in fact, I'd go on a limb that 99% of the people there had no clue that I worked all year to be able to bring all those products.  But I'm totally ok with that.  Some kids actually asked me if I was Santa's Elf because I was dressed funny. Of course I am Santa's Elf.  Who else would I be?!?!  

That was yesterday.  Today?  I'm back to Boston & Hudson's mom.  And I'm grateful to all the toy companies who worked with me this year to make the #RealMomBIgGIVE happen once again.  And thankful to the families who pushed through whatever it was happening in their lives that day to be sure to be at this event.  It was the absolute biggest one yet.  

Cheers to curing cancer and many more holiday events!  Hug your babies tonite!

#JBFPhilly Ends with Record Consignors

The biggest Just Between Friends Consignment sale in the country, #JBFPhilly is history!

Just Between Friends Western Mainline (#JBFPhilly) is offically over for 2015.  The tags have been scanned, the shoppers have shopped, the bargains have been had.  

Jolly Jumpers are now being enjoyed by new little monkeys.  Elmos that were sitting alone in a playroom are now feeling the love from some new arms.  Halloween costumes are hanging in new closets waiting for the big day. Some costumes are making their way into dress up bins or already being enjoyed! It's a joy to be a small part of this exchange of happiness!

The breakdown is complete, the hall is back to the empty space we walked into such a short time ago.  It's is mind blowing to think of the logistics of this sale.....over 300,000 items on the floor?  This AMAZING  JBF team will begin again in Lancaster in a couple of weeks. October 15th - 17th. Don't miss that one!!!   I don't know how things run as smoothly as they do!  MIND BLOWING!!!!!

As a consignor I am so thrilled to have sold my clutter and can't wait for my check!!!!   As a volunteer/Team Leader....I am in AWE of owner Tracy Panase and her "team". This woman is amazing.  Hours beyond belief spent at sale, countless roles played throughout the week, numerous people not only to sell to but to manage as volunteers, consignors and vendors.  Can you say full plate?  Actually.....overflowing plate!!!!  She does this ALL with a smile and an extremely positive attitude,  Again, I am in AWE!  I admire and respect this woman with my entire being.

This sale is more than a consignment sale.....I consider it a type of family reunion.  The wonderful people I work with MAKE this the #1 sale in the country, and that doesn't even address the wonderful shoppers I get to meet!!!!  I feel so blessed to be apart of this wonderful event....don't get me wrong.....there are times I am ready to pull my hair out, but my TEAM is there for me and they pull me up!  Way to go Just Between Friends Mainline ....  once again  we rocked it!

~ Ellie, Mom of Ava & #JBFPhilly extraordinaire 


TRUCKerton at #TuckertonSeaport

It's that time of year again!  

We're heading to Tuckerton Seaport for their annual Food Truck Fest.  Ya'll know how much I love this place.  I really really like the place, but I have to tell you the truth.  I LOVE the people who work there!  Brooke & her amazing Seaport Sisters? ha.  (Don't kill me Brooke for saying that!)  But Brooke and her work family are some of the kindest, caring-ist people I've ever met!  Seriously!  Brooke is always sending me something.  She's super sweet & I've absolutely loved working with her, Jackie, Dianne & the 'Tuckerton Team'.  

Ok, so now that I'm a total CHEESE BALL lemme tell you about the CHEESE BALLS at TRUCKerton!  Seriously. There is a food truck called Cow and the Curd and it is fried cheese curds!!  Can you believe it?  Making my mouth water now.  

Ahem.  Ok, so if you follow along with the hashtag on Saturday you can drool too.  But don't drool on your phone.  Cause that's not good.  At all. But if you are up for a fun feast then join us!  I'll be there with some of my blogging buddies popping the curds and drowning my sorrows in the velvet cake milkshakes?!?!?  Lawd.  This is going to be one heck of a day. lol 

See you at TRUCKerton!