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#RealMomsRock Ricki Randazzo

This past weekend I got a last minute random invite to attend a junket for a new movie called Ricki & the Flash!  I was actually in my hometown visiting with my family when I got the invite.  And for the 1st time in forever - I actually was invited to do something non-blogger bash related! lol It was something I LOVED to do when on air.  MOVIE JUNKETS!  And even though I said I was trying to SLOW DOWN (and yes, my husband made it TOTALLY clear to me that I was not slowing down yet! haha) I couldn't pass up the chance to meet Rick Springfield.  


Look, when a former jock who played plenty of Rick Springfield in her heyday gets the opportunity to head off to NYC to HANG with the ever so famous creator of JESSE'S GIRL - I'm IN!!  I was all over that opportunity.   One of my favorite things to do when I first got into the radio space was to do movie junkets!  I LOVED it. Chicago was the best.  I remember meeting Channing Tatum... Oh.. wait - focus Joey.  Back to Ricki! ha

Upon arrival to NYC I met up with a few of my favorite blogging buddies and we headed over to the Sony offices to catch the movie before we interviewed the stars. .  I can't really even begin to tell you what it felt like sitting in that theatre.  It was REALLY surreal.  I mean, think about how many movie stars sat in those seats?  I was nervous that I would get in trouble for taking pics or interrupting the movie!!  I know, right.  So silly.  But I didn't take a pic OF the screen.  Just one of me FACING the screen.  


We got treated to a lovely makeup experience along with some great treats before heading out to dinner.  I got my eyelashes put on - which I am officially obsessed with, thank you Kim Pirella my former NickMomCoHost!  The pic was before the lashes -------> But by the time I got done and we went to dinner at a BBQ joint, I forgot to take a pic!  Then eating BBQ?  All bets were off. ha.  Either way, it was super fun to hang out and get our makeup, lashes & hair done.  

Ricki & the Flash coming to theaters August 7th!  Check back for Minutes with Meryl & Motherhood.  

#TravelTuesday Gaylord National Hotel Review

Everyone and their mother (including my own) knows how much I LOVE holiday decorations!  LOVE them.  They mean so much more to me than having a pile of stuff under the tree.  In fact, my oldest son is really remembering my love of decoration.  

It's awesome because when I ask him what he wants for Christmas, he never knows..but for 3 weeks in November he BEGGED me to put the holiday lights up!  Super cute.  So, the weekend before Thanksgiving we started to put things up.  That's what I love about the holiday.  And something that carries over from my childhood. 

Decorations and experiences are always my favorite - so to get the chance to take a trip with the kids to explore ICE at Gaylord National was a no brainer!  When I first heard about ICE!, I was going to college in Kentucky.  Nashville, TN was our closest hot spot city and there is a Gaylord Hotel location there as well.  My girlfriend shared with me that she was going there and I became obsessed with getting there for a visit myself!

So, I did!  Quite a few times!  And what's great is that each year has been just a little bit different. 

This year, their them is Frosty the Snowman. It brings a whole new meaning to Christmas on the Potomac!


Top 5 Holiday Faves at Gaylord National

1) GINGY!!  We make a gingerbread house every year.  It's something Boston mentions all year long too!  The price for the Gingerbread House is a little high (approx $50) but the experience is well worth it!  Not to mention - they are GOURMET holiday houses. Yum!

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2) THE ICE! Yes!  Believe it - these awesome artists (40 of them to be exact) fly in from Harbin, China to make this spectacular! Seriously!  They work an entire month to rock this exhibit of awesome!  This year they have a new live carving zone, called The Frostbite Factory.  Brrrrr right?  To say the least, 5,000 blocks of ice weighing in at 2 million pounds.  Yeah.  Cold is an understatement!

Yeah! One of my Top 3 Fave Family Holiday Escapes! #RealMomTravels #Philly

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3) THE SCAVENGER HUNT!  Ok, so the true 'competitive' person comes out with this one.  I LOVE these Instagram/event scavenger hunts.  This one was adorable to see many of the kids get excited when they found the Reindeers in random places.  My fave was the one in the ceiling where you check into the hotel!  Look for it in the loops! 

4) THE GLASS MEGA-TREE!  So where do you get a 60 foot tall, 7,000 pound glass tree?!?!  Have someone make it of course!  It's only the world's ONLY suspended synthetic glass Christmas tree made of 108 hand creafted pieces of green holly leaves, 11 red berries and one big mega gold bow on top!  There is a nightly tree lighting show that families can love & the tree rocks the fountain show beautifully too!  It's a must see.

5) THE CHARACTERS!  Gaylord National has a partnership with Dreamworks and so many of your favorite characters come to life everyday!  There is a 'DreamWorks' Madagascar Crack A Lackin' Cook-in Character Breakfast available for about $30 for adults and $20 for kids 3-12.  Under 2 is free.  Yes, it is a little pricey, but your kids get entertained by King Julien, Alex the Lion and their friends!  We didn't do the breakfast - but we did see the characters walking by.  That was pretty cool to see Hudson my almost 2 year old have a light up face!! So cute.  The other times we went, I went NUTS over the GREEN chocolate fountain.  Granted, everything was Shrek I get it - but they didn't have green chocolate this time.  BUMMER, right?  Cause of COURSE this mama goes for the chocolate fountain!!! It still tasted amazing green or brown. ha

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Ok, so those are my Top 5 Faves on this trip.  Have you ever been to Gaylord National?  Where is one of your favorite places to travel to take in the holiday festivities?

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Coming up next:  Christmas in Hershey!  As an ambassador we get to go there again!  I sure love to travel.  And add Christmas awesome to it? HEAVEN!

Travel Tuesday: Beaches Turks & Caicos

Travel Tuesday: Beaches Turks & Caicos

WORD. I can't even begin to tell you how freaking excited I am about this.

Travel Talk with my travel loving friends.  AND I'm traveling to paradise in 14 days.. but who's counting. 

Ohhh Baby! 2014 New Baby Gift Guide

Ohhh Baby! 2014 New Baby Gift Guide


2014 New Baby Gift Guide

We are digging the baby space. My friends Steph & Steph (and their other brother Larry.. get it? HA!)

Ok, anyway - yes - we have been hard at work on Blogger Bash, but with the big announcement on Monday about having THE Anne Geddes at Blogger Bash - perfect timing to share with you our amazing New Baby Gift Guide!

Steph Glover & Steph Anderson - my two VIM's - (VERY important Mom Friends.  We all need one, ya know!) have put together this awesome guide.  Yes, I played with many of the goodies - but it was their talents that made the guide what it is. 

From FAB strollers by Joovy to Skip Hop Diaper Bags down to even great ways to save your life as a mom with adorable pacifier clips!  AWESOMENESS filling pages of life lessons and needs for the new and old mom to be. 

Are you preggos?  What is your ultimate baby gift go - to?