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New with LG at #CES2016 #LGMomCES

Ok, let's just get this out there right off the bat. 

I had no clue that LG had so many incredible products coming out this year!  And... I only knew that LG had phones so to see all the life changing products hitting the market - an eye opener to say the least!  Let's just start with the sexiest - eh - prettiest of products for every household. 

The LG Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:  HOM-BOT Turbo+

I can give you the scientific explanation or I can give you the real mom meaning.  Let's just put it out there.... A VACUUM CLEANER THAT CAN CLEAN THE HOUSE ITSELF!  Yes!  This vacuum functions by scanning the room with the eyes on the vacuum and then they know where to go & what to clean. The smart feature is called Home-Joy and it allows consumers to issue instructions to the vacuum by designating areas that need extra cleaning by usign the camera of a smartphone.  Their trademarked 'triple eye' camera sensor records the area tracking where it already cleaned. 

All of this sounds incredible right?  My question is - does it come with a cabana boy? ha. 


lg gizmo from ces 2016

The wearables are all the rage these days and after spending a week at CES - I can assure you I'm SERIOUSLY considering one for myself AND my kids!  LG has delivered a round 2 for the Gizmo Pal.  Wearables for kids totally can take place of that device that you are mad at yourself for giving them!  (Ok, so that is my house-but maybe you can relate! lol)

The Gizmo Gadget is the Gizmo Pal 'bigger sibling'.  This is a product available with Verizon Wireless so swing into your local store to hear more!



I am so in love with this new item I might CRY!  ha.  Actually, maybe not - but it's definitely a life saver for many moms out there!  And potentially after ours just crashed while I was in Vegas - I might really be thinking about buying one of these. 

Get this.  A washing machine that can clean 2 loads at once AND it comes with a remote control!!!  INSANITY I tell ya!


My fave is the washer by far.  But to know that they do so many other things outside of phones & TV's I'm dying to learn more about the brand!  

What is your dream LG product?




This is a sponsored post by Living in Digital Times & LG at the Consumer Electronics Show. 



17 Things I Learned at Disney Social Media Moms


I don't know if I'm coming or going these days.  I also know that life as I know it at this very moment is going so fast. So So SO OSOSOSOSOSOS ohhh so fast. 

I got all emotional tonite thinking about how fast my boys are growing up.  I mean, I look at images of Boston and he's a BABY.  Then I realize he's freaking 7 years old now.  SEVEN.  Going to be in 2nd grade.  That's just freaking crazy isn't it?

I'm actually scared about it.  Scared that I'm on the cusp of not having kids in diapers anymore.  Scared that my kids are not going to like Elmo or Mickey, Santa and the Easter Bunny & THEN what am I going to do with my life?  I mean, I've fallen off the face of the web this past month because of some personal things going on with a disgruntled former employee and then family illnesses, not to mention I think I slept in my bed 5 nights the past month!!  Seriously!!!  So, I know I haven't shared a thing in regards to Mom 2.0 yet.. and there is a good chance that I might not even tell ya about it.  Not that I don't want to - but I barely have time to breathe right now therefore the thought of writing?  Bwaaa.  I'll ONLY do it when I KNOW it will rock!


So, of course as I was sitting on a flight with my two kids at 1am coming home from home....I realized I have a great post in my head!!!  And it was this one.  So without further ado...humor me will ya?  Check out what I learned on the Disney trip & tell me if I'm crazy, k?

17 Things I Learned at Disney Social Media Moms

1)  I am obsessed with Vinylmation.  Oh.My.Gosh.  It started at DSMM 2014 at Disneyland.  And now?  Put my credit card on lockdown!  


2) Just because you THINK you know Disney, you don't really know Disney until you use the MagicBands for the 1st time!!!  Yeah.  My poor family had a few things happen because of my failure to read directions and take the time to plan this trip. Ahem. 

3)  Order the MagicBands EARLY so you get a special delivery experience for your family!  The MagicBands come with their names on them!  They pick a color... all the awesome. 

4)  You know how Crocs have jibbetts?  Yeah.  The MagicBands have them too!  I can't thing of what their called for the life of me and my fingers are tired to look it up (ha. So lazy, I know.)  But, if you figure it out - leave a comment and I'll edit it!


5) It doesn't matter how old they get, their imagination stays young.   Yeah.... my kids scare me in that I don't want them to ever stop 'believing in the magic of whatever it may be'....and this trip reminded me that imagination shows no age. 

6)  One of the Disney resort properties has a GYSER!!  Seriously.  Boston and I took a wrong turn (yes, on a boat - don't ask.) and we ended up at The Wilderness Resort and it was SUPER cool!  

7)  My husbands snoring needs to be addressed by a professional.  I know.  Totally off topic - but I did learn that on this trip.  Whoa.  Still not addressed that one yet - but come back in a few. lol


8)  The Orlando Airport for Southwest Airlines passengers is SO PAINFUL to get to the Magic Express!  Seriously.  I hate to be honest...but that's nuts.  I am a genius with directions and that got me all twisted.  For the 5th time in a row!!  So lost in that airport. Shew.  Always remember to go to the OTHER SIDE of the airport after baggage claim to get to the Magical Express. 

9)  I. Am. In. Love. With. Donald. Driver.   Oh heaven.  Not like really - but on an emotional level.  That man is charismatic, funny, made me laugh, made me cry, cried like a girl with me & tells the truth.  Maybe he's a great actor.  I have no clue.  But he killed it the 2nd year in a row for me.  He made the conferences BOTH times and for that I am grateful.  The words he had to say was so personal and touching to me.  It was exactly what I needed to hear at that time.  That moment.  I can't even explain it in words.  Especially when I have how many more things I have to share?  Maybe that's for a later post.  We'll see. 

10)  Being invited to this event was a bigger milestone in my life than when I got 2nd place in the spelling bee in 3rd grade (I still should have won David Kelch. ha)  No but seriously.... I was chatting with some amazing women on one of the bus rides about it.  I've had the honor to attend it AND give my family memories that I only dreamed of as a kid.  Fortunate.


11)  It's totally ok to break the rules of motherhood once in a while.  

12) Playing hookie with your kid while riding Toy Story Mania 100 times is totally a cool thing to do.  This changed my life.  Again.  The things I wish I could share!  I stayed an extra day and kept Boston with me.  We got to totally have a blast the extra day.  That ONE extra day cost me...oh...

13)  If you have any really young kids & you're not sure where to take them - do Magic Kingdom first!  This was a big fail on my part.  I wanted to take Hudson because he's in such an awesome Mickey loving stage - but we went to Hollywood Studio for my obsessed with Toy Story Mania older son! lol

14)  Count your BLESSINGS.   Seriously.  So often I get to experience some super cool events.  My family has had the time of their lives.  And I can tell you that being able to experience Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is the highest of honors.  It really reminded me that there is time in life that you just have to slow down.  Be in the moment. Think of every big experience in life like it's your last & your best!! 

15)  Walt Disney is my Homeboy. Remember the 'Jesus is my Homeboy' t-shirts that were hot in the early 2000s??  Yeah!  That's the best new design, I think! ha  The more times I experience Disney the more attached to the story I feel!  One man just dreamed this up.  What a stud, he was. lol

16) Dance. Often. And don't care if people watching think you're nuts.  Seriously.  It's the best thing ever to rock out to tunes and embarrass your kids. Seriously. DO IT!

17) Dare to Dream.  I know it's so freaking cliche. Sorry. But it's SO TRUE!  There is something to be said about a place that as soon as you step into the experience you're constantly dreaming about life.  Being a better person. Following that dream to the end of the rainbow.  You can do anything if you put your dreams in motion. I'm sure Walt would agree... Dare to Dream!

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