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My Son is a Star!

My Son is a Star!


So, last night one of my 4 year olds teachers: "Miss Liz" messaged me on facebook saying she saw Boston on Inside Edition!!  I was actually taking a bath and was like - WHAT??  So of course, while in the bathtub I called down to my husband (from my waterproof cellphone of course lol) and told him he had to get on top of it and find that clip!

Well, fast forward to today - and another friend posted on facebook that they say Boston on there and I was like WHAT?  So we made it a MISSION to find what clip and what it was about.

Yes.  The awful YouTube video from last year where Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to 'fool' their kids with fake gifts to get a reaction?  You know, the one where my poor then 3 1/2 year old got a Hello Kitty toy and broke out in tears because it was a 'girl toy'?

Yeah.  The one that has over 250,000 views on YouTube yet - I get at LEAST 10 comments a day saying what a horrible mother I am?

Yeah. That one. 

hahaha. Poor kid. I hope one day he grows up and realizes what a cool mom I REALLY am! hahahaha

Now, what kind of mom am I if I didn't show you the real video too?

I love you kid.  Thanks for the constant smiles.  When you were born your daddy said that 'you were a star'.  And within 5 months - The Today ShowGood Morning America AND Inside Edition?  We need an AGENT!  =)
Your loving Momma

My Made In America

My Made In America

This past week my family and I embarked on a new journey. One that has always been something near and dear to my heart.

Buying only American made products.

You think...that in reality, everything must be made in China right?

Well. Theoretically.

But not reality.

My reality has been so much different than I expected.

A lot of it stems from my childhood, my parents and how I was raised.

My dad was a Green Beret in the Vietnam war. He was an 82nd Airborne Paratrooper. The stories I have heard about the Army's Elite and how they were trained to fight for our country makes me quiver. I know there is no way on God's green Earth that I could do what he did.

But you see. Even though my dad served our country with dignity and honor. He didn't have a choice. He was drafted. And dropping everything to go off to war was his way of life. He knew no other.

My mom tells me stories about when the troops returned home after putting their lives on the line.... protestors did the unthinkable in my eyes.

My dad got SPIT ON. Spit on by hatefilled people protesting the war. What the? Who does that???

My dad sat through horrific experiences because he HAD TO so that these hippy punks could lay around-smoke pot-and THINK they speak philosophically. I gotta tell ya. If I was more than a 'twinkle' in my parents eyes and was THERE as my dad got SPIT on by these a$$holes? I'd have probably been arrested.

My father had to carry on with grace and dignity and he inturn carried his American pride to his children.

I will take to my grave the many memories of him every Christmas getting socks, peanuts and work shirts. But you better believe it the first things out of his mouth was "Are these American made?".

It was instilled in my sisters and I hearts the importance of giving back to this country for our freedoms.

Here we are... how many years later and we are so living in this matrix world where life is so busy that we jump from smartphone to laptop to iPads, name it. We get so caught up in our own fast paced lives that so many of us Americans 'forget' how we afforded that Lexus or Louis Handbag. We forget of the Veterans living under bridges because they can't survive the PTSD. We forget the single mom who worked in a factory for 25 years to support her children who is now struggling to put food on the table because her job moved to Mexico.

Middle America is so often forgotten. I know. Cause I am one at heart. I now live on the East Coast...and I see the rat race. Heck, I'd be lying if I said I didn't jump in the matrix and live it at times.

This week, I've been doing little video vignettes of my findings for my family: Made in America.

It's been an eye opener. An experience I'll never forget.

Monday morning, July 2nd at 9a ET I am a GUEST on the Kathie Lee and Hoda show talking about my experience.

I'm beyond excited about this opportunity. I mean, who wouldn't be? But it has been an awakening for me.

It's brought me back to some of the deeply planted roots that my family taught me.

Roots that needed watering.

So what if I didn't buy that sweater. Or get my kid bananas. So what if we kind of 'had to do without'.

I challenge you, as an see things the way they really are. Before you buy that Made in China whatever...before you purchase that whatever it is... think about it. Is it worth it? Is there one you can find made in America? Research shows if we spend $5 towards American made a month, our country would have nearly 200,000 more jobs! That job could be your moms. Your brothers. Your cousins.

Your fathers.

Tomorrow at the break of dawn, I'm wrapping up my Vignette series for the Today Show by SEEING our country in an American Made experience. I'm going up in a hot air balloon (again) with the US Hot Air Balloon a basket & balloon made in Michigan. And when I'm up there? I can assure you I'll look at this country with a twinkling in my eye...knowing what I know now.

Pregnant Naked Celebrity Magazines

Ok. So I'm the first person in line when it comes to womens' rights.  The first person to think that being pregnant is a beautiful thing.

But when a celebrity poses naked while pregnant on the cover of a magazine?


I just don't get it.  All they want to do is sell magazines! That's the only reason they put celebs naked on a cover. 

It really kind of grosses me out.  

Not that she's pregnant.  Because that is a beautiful thing.  But she totally sold out just to get on the magazine shelf!  Creepy!

It's not that she can't do tasteful images.  Because she can.  And she did!  I would have rather seen on the cover the one with her fiance Eric is absolutely gorgeous!

Some are comparing her to Demi Moore.  Um.  I'm not too sure about that one. hahaha.  There's only ONE Demi Moore.  But even then that image had some arms up in the air!

I mean, I guess if she really wants to be naked on a mag...then good for her.  Hope she popped the check in the bank for that kid at least!

Maybe it's my own demons in this thing.  The fact that I didn't even want to be seen at ALL while pregnant tells me a lot...and that was WITH clothes on! hahaha. 

What are your thoughts?  Do you think she sold out or do you think it's just a beautiful thing and that I'm being a pain in the arse? lol


Done with The Duggars.

Done with The Duggars.


Let me just start out by telling you that I'm actually in a really good mood.

But I have to tell ya.. I'm DONE with the Duggars.

Ted Williams - Man with the Golden Voice

I tend to really find out about things in the world... oh.. now that I'm NOT on the radio doing show prep 24/7? 

Let's say between 3 and 30 days late.

Last night my husband was in awe that I 'of all people' didn't see the video or hear about Ted Willams-the homeless man in Cleveland that was 'given a gift of a golden voice'.

HUH?  So he made me watch it before we went to bed.

My heart melted.

First I thought 'no biggie-the guy got lucky'...

But then I started really thinking about this man's story. 

And my memories of the radio business.

I'm sure to not rip on the business-but just like many high profile jobs there definitely were some WILD times.

I can remember in my early stages of being in the business, my program director told me 'Awe Man-you have no idea how fun radio is!  The 80s were the best!'

Lucky for me.  I was like uh-8 years old in the 80s.

((Random-but his name was Steve Ocean-and he'd always open up the mic "I'm Steve Ocean in motion with your sun tan lotion!"))

And no.  The job WASN'T on a beach.  It was in KENTUCKY for crying out loud! hahaha

Anyway.  I'm getting off track here.

Ted Williams said he got down on his luck from drugs and alcohol addiction.  He has 2 years sober under his belt. 

I can totally believe that.  The temptations are crazy!!! 

This morning I got to catch him on the Today Show talking with Matt & Merideth and he was a doll.  They played a repeat from him being on there yesterday-to him meeting his mom.  It almost had me cry.

Here's a man-who disappointed his family for so many years.  He said he has 9 kids.  YEAH. That's not a typo.  He said he wanted to make his mommy proud.  He mentioned that he had begged God to allow her to live long enough so that he could finally make her proud.

When they were reunited this over 50 year old man ran to her calling her 'Mommy - Mommy!"

Just goes to show..that no matter how old you are.  Or had bad your life is / was .... There's something about your Momma.  (I know that I run to my mom when I'm down and out.)  And I also know...that even when I've done some of the STUPIDEST things in my life... my mom put me in my place.. but yet she always loved me and believed in me.

Funny random thought-Watching Jay Leno right now-he said that Obama administration had over 100,000 jobs created the past year - cause they hired homeless radio disc jockeys! hahahah. 

Um. I'm not homeless-but I can be if I need to be?!?!? lol

Ok-back to Teddy boy.  Anyway, he was on this morning and it made me warm to see and hear of his awesomeness.

And that even after all the things in his life-drugs, alcohol, lies...etc.  HOMELESSNESS.  This man could have the opportunity to turn his life around.

On the Today show-his mom said 'don't let me down'...and Merideth asked him what measures he plans to take so that he doesn't fall prey to all those bad memories in his life to return.  And he said he's worried about that but instead of trying to juggle so many things-he was just going to focus on one. And this time around he's got something he never thanked before.  And that's God. 

That's a good idea.  Focus on life with one thing at a time.  One day at a time. And just put it in God's hands.

He has been offered a job with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and I just heard that he was offered a movie deal from Jack Nicholson today. Plus, he voiced a commercial deal with Kraft, MSNBC and I'm sure that's not all!

Wow... I'm off to start writing on my ripped up card board box.  Cause God has given me a talent too!

 Hahaha.  ((You think I'm joking don't you?  You better watch out.  I'll show you. Um. If you see a blonde chick near the Conshohocken Curve off I-76 you better stop & let me play Ms. Disc Jockey for you..and you BETTER be sure to have that dollar! ha))

What's your talent?  If you were giving the answer to one life long dream-what would you wish for?

Cheers to living...and dreaming.

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