One of the coolest things I got to do last week was to host a party at the Philly Mag Design Home.  Now there were MANY great things about this home that I loved!  I loved the design home!  But the Xfinity features are what make it for sure.  They built a coffee bar in the master bathroom.  My question is - can Xfinity home set that to go on? haha

I started connecting with Comcast, gosh  - last spring I think?  I knew for years I needed to learn about the Xfinity packaging & visit the Design Home but I haven't been able to make that come to fruition.  Until now!  I didn't really know much about the Design Home.  I knew it had a charity angle positioned with Philly Magazine.  What I didn't know was that this home actually gets sold and that each sponsor works with Philly Mag to create this gorgeous place where you can tour for a small fee.  That fee goes to feed a charity & this year it goes towards Manna.

A few months back I got to visit the Xfinity offices and see the new X1, Xfinity Home & Xfinity Apps programming.  I personally NEVER get to watch tv.  It's owned by the boys of the house.  I try sometimes - but I more so like to DVR my shows and go back and watch them when they are all off to work and school!  Nashville, Parenthood, you all wait patiently for me to enjoy!  But with all the travel that I do too - I love that I can open the app and catch up on my favorite shows!  Cool, right?  So here is the deal:


This is awesome for any household!  Want to check on your pets?  Your sitter?  Your great Aunt visiting?  The Xfinity Home platform controls alarm systems, lighting, appliances, temperature... all of it!  Just by using your computer, tablet or smartphone!  I love this for that extra 'peace of mind' ease needed.  Visit - prices start at about $30 a month.


  • See the last 9 shows & channels you've watched with a touch of the button.
  •  Sports fan HEAVEN!  You can track latest scores, plays, etc.  All the time.  Oh yeah. #SportsWidow
  • Ratings available - yes!  Rotten Tomatoes shares their thoughts on your X1!
  •  X1 allows parents to find age appropriate media for kids to watch by checking ratings and reviews from Common Sense media & filtering.
  • FREE to Double & Triple Play Customers & doesn't cost any more than traditional video service!
  • Check out your facebook pictures on your tv!


There are so many awesome apps by xfinity that I had no clue were out there!  i'm baffled at how much I have learned in regards to this Xfinity experience.  The apps are going to be lifesavers!  Download movies, tv shows (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse HEAVEN!), pay your bills, watch your shows & more.  Xfinity WIFI APP - find a wifi that you can get anywhere if you're an xfinity customer!  Xfinity Connect APP - allows you to check your email, check your Xfinity Home voicemail & so much more!  Xfinity TV APP - live stream to the rescue!

There are so many great things about Xfinity that you can use an upgrade lesson on!

So that sports widow that I am every fall?  Not so much this year as my DVR is getting a workout with the new Xfinity features!

My favorite thing to do?  Why turn on the app in my phone and mess with my kid of course!  That's my favorite feature! ha.  Boston will start yelling for me from the upstairs when he can't get the tv to work.  Could it be that I just love aggravating that kid?  

Yup. But now that he knows it's an app - he gets me back when he's on the ipad and i'm trying to watch a show.  Joy.  Since when does a 6 year old control tv?  When Rabbid Invasions came out I'm sure!

Lots of awesome features with Xfinity that you can bring into your home outside from the Design Home!  You don't have to have a $3 million home to fit this much Xfinity Awesome in!


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