Hudson is a LOVER of ice cream!  Thanks for the fun TJ Maxx!

Hudson is a LOVER of ice cream!  Thanks for the fun TJ Maxx!

One of my favorite stores of all time is having some fun with a Kids Art Contest!  TJ Maxx & the "Maxx Kids Art Contest" is going on now through July 7th and YOUR kid could win $250 savings bond & a chance to have their artwork on products sold at TJ Maxx benefiting Save the Children from TJ Maxx!

Here's what you do.  If your kid is 14 & under, go visit  Download the the contest info and get your kid coloring!  "What is your favorite thing in the whole world?" is the question.  I honestly think I've personally created a monster in my house because my son said ice cream!  lol Oh well. Guess you only live once right?  Then take your kids submission to your local TJ Maxx store and boom!  They could be a big winner with TJ Maxx and do some great things for other kids with Save the Children. 

I love that TJ Maxx does great things for kids through Save the Children and can't wait to see what your kids drew! 

Mine?  Well.. minus the fact that he's the cutest thing in the world - I had to help him a little bit as he tried to DRAW with his bowl of ice cream.  Great stuff, right? We have a bit of an ice cream obsession in our house but I have a feeling that is all my fault. HA. 

TJ Maxx has a great partnership with Save the Children.  I love watching all the fun things they do and can't wait to see YOUR artwork too!

Check out Brooke Burke!  Even she got her kids in on the action!