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The Goddard School Review

The Goddard School Review


My girlfriend recently approached me wanting to know if I had any suggestions for schools in her area to start sending her son to.  I of course love where my 4 year old goes to.  They do an awesome job with educating him with things that I know I just couldn't pull off myself!

So when she started talking to me about what she was looking for-it dawned on me...

The Goddard School!

I did a few segments for them on Better Philly over the years and I know they are based in the Philly area.  So of course I'm a mom with loyalty on their awesomness!  =)

Not to mention... my BABY...gulp.. little boy..had his 1st TV debut with The Goddard School.




Here's another segment:



So yes... I am a fan of their school.  They are all over the country so if you're looking for a great school for your kids-be sure to check them out!


Disclosure:  Nope.  They aren't paying me to say this.  Nor have they ever.  This is an HONEST post and suggestion for any mom (and dad) looking to put their child in school.  They ROCK!


Better Philly Products for Moms

I know that I'm a little late in sharing this for Mother's Day-but that's TOTALLY ok!

Mom should be celebrated EVERYDAY. =)



Lonely? Foster with P.A.W.S!

My very first TV segment with Better Philly was a Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society segment.

They are great people and the only no-kill animal shelter in Philly.