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BURP.  Excuse me!  Nom nom....

Sometimes you have to just jet your love soar & go over board.  Sometimes you just live for the tasty truth in your tastebuds!  Well, gotta tell you some of our favorites and you probably love them too.  From Clamato to Orange Crush to our ultimate fantasy - Motts APPLE JUICE & IBC Root Beer!  The 3 year old doesn't get the root beer so the Apple Juice is our next frozen pop joy.  Do you have a favorite?  We LIVE for LOTS of Root Beers!  And if you don't think Dr. Pepper Snapple Group wasn't the KING & QUEEN of root beer - think again!  IBC, A&W and Stewart's are all apart of the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (DPS).  The best root beer for every taste buds:  A mix of regular, reduced & zero calorie options.  The DPS is one of the North Americcan drink leaders with over 50 different flavor to choose from.

Sumertime and the kids are loving the freetime and fresh air, playing all day and getting the most out of their unscheduled days.  I, on the other hand, seem to be in a constant scramble to keep things running smoothly, making the day seem unscheduled when it actually is!  While the kids bask in the sun and splash in the pool I am coordinating playdates at the park and planning easy meals and snacks that won’t have me tied to the kitchen all day. I seriously long for the summers of my youth when MY day was task free and luxuriously stress free.

During my meal planning I came across a recipe for an old favorite of mine and a brilliant idea began to form in my mind. The recipe was for rootbeer floats, something that for me was the ultimate in decadence and a treat I rarely received but always appreciated.  The cold smooth ice cream floating in the foamy sweet rootbeer, the flavors mingling to create something otherworldly, evoking images in my mind of poodle skirts, roller skates and carefree days. I used to dream of living in those times, when girls wore fitted dresses and boys letterman sweaters. But I digress, back to my reality and summer of hectic scheduling and planning!

I decided to plan a themed 50’s day, we would hit the beach and play old school; sandcastles and stripey beach balls, sandwiches wrapped in waxed paper and cold lemonade. The focal point of the day would be dinner, complete with homemade burgers and, you guessed it, ROOTBEER FLOATS!  So you may be on to me by now, and yes, I have created an excuse to indulge in one of my classic favorite treats by disguising it in a “themed day for the kids”, but hey, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do!  The best part of this is when I told the kids about this amazing treat they looked appalled, gaping at me like I’d suggested liver popsicles were the up and coming trend in frozen snacks.  Trust me, I said.  They were skeptical but presented with a fun day at the beach they climbed aboard my fun train and we were off on our 50’s day!

Home after the beach I was all business, prepping float glasses and setting out sprinkles and cool straws. The kids watched warily, eventually drawn in by the ice cream and sprinkles, and soon we were all laughing in the kitchen together.  Hmm, rootbeer floats creating amazing family memories, who knew?


After their first tentative sip they looked at me with awe, like I had created Minecraft or Pokemom GO. I was a star in their eyes and they eagerly devoured the first of many rootbeer floats. I sat down with my own, sipping slowly to savour it, closed my eyes and drifted back to when my own mom made me my first rootbeer float, back to summers without stress and kids and I realized I wouldn’t go back.  Who could go back when in the here and now I was the one in charge of when we had rootbeer floats!  And I can tell you, this is a treat we will be having regularly!



Make your own 50s Root Beer Float

One bottle Hires Rootbeer

Vanilla Ice cream

Colored sugar sprinkles

Whipping cream ina can

Cool fountain glasses

Funky straws

Pour a small amount of root beer in the bottom of each glass, and add a generous scoop of ice cream.  Slowly top with root beer and finish with a good squirt of whipping cream.  Top it off with colored sprinkles and pop in a straw. ENJOY!

Pause, rewind - add more and more and more!


Now, my mom wasn't from the 50s but she sure likes to party like it! Ha.  She was not visiting but we Skyped her and my dad for some fun reminders to be YOU!