Mother's Day is BIGGER than birthdays in our house.  Something about it being a rite of passage that I love!  Not everyone gets to celebrate motherhood.  But I DO!  And I just love it. Although, it's always tough because I ALWAYS want something different and unique for the holiday - but not over the top.  So, in order to better the world of Mom's Day Gifts - here are some ideas you might be interested in!

1) MAKE A MEAL.  Go figure.  Feeding mom is a lost art. 

2) FRAME A WRITTEN POEM.  It doesn't have to be a poem YOU created - but take one you love and re-write it in your handwriting!  Frame that bad boy!

3) FRAME YOUR FAVORITE PIC WITH MOM. Mom's rule.  EVERYTHING.  Give her a pic you love and add a written story to it!

4.) CROSS OFF HER TO DO LIST.  EVERY mom has a honey help me list!  Grab that list and spend a day crossing them off!  She's gonna love you more for it too!

5) FIX SOMETHING.  You know when mom says 'put a little elbow grease in it'?  Yep!  Do it yourself or hire someone to do it!  You'll be glad you did. 

6) TEACH HER SOMETHING.  Know how to play a guitar?  Teach her!  Show her how to do something you love so that you can do it more!

7.)  START A MOM JOURNAL.  I'm totally doing this one.  Everytime I think about my mom - I'm writing in the journal.  Then give it to her on special occassions!  

Ok, don't want to be cheap?  Go all out for mom and check out my segment on Fox 29!