It's seriously RIGHT around the corner.  Surveys tell us that moms like quiet time & downtime for Mother's Day - but let's tell the truth here ladies... This job DESERVES something awesome & TANGIBLE, right? I mean, your kids are clearly tangible but I remember my first Mother's Day and I convinced my husband to give me an iPhone.  You remember the VERY FIRST ONE that cost $500 and felt like a brick? ha.  Yep.  That one.

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world.  And it doesn't pay a thing.  So why not treat the MOM in your life with some ROCKSTAR TECH ideas!!!!?!?!?!  

These are the products:

Beuler - Stylus/Charger/Pen




Polaroid Zip & Snap

Chic Buds Crossbody bag