I really don't even know what to say. I can't really even explain what I feel. 

Truth be told.... last week while on vacation I swore off the internet. I turned it ALL off.  And I promised myself I wouldn't pick up.  But typical Joey fashion.  I caved.  I checked my messages and low and behold I was asked if I wanted to host a movie premiere.  Now mind you, I LOVE doing those over the years.  I really love working with Sony as they just do things right.  But I felt like there was no way I could spend more time on a device with the effort that goes into hosting one of those events.  You have a lot of promotion and coordination to do.  AND... I was on VACATION where I wasn't allowing myself to do anything but be with my little people.  So, as I watched the fast trailer pretending to watch a movie - I couldn't stop thinking about how I could use a little faith watching in my life.  

So I of course replied and said I'd love to do it.  Not realizing I only had a couple days to get it done, I kind of panicked and emailed them back saying I just couldn't take away the time from my family to put it together in time.  I didn't want to have an empty theater, ya know? But they assured me it would be totally ok with 20 people there.  That I could handle.  I mean, who wouldn't want a free movie, popcorn and soda, right?  ha!  So I posted one post on facebook and my email blew up.  In a good way.  I had almost 100 people interested within an hour.


Those that know me totally know I can't stand facebook.  It affects my personal life and emotional well being way too often.  So I hadn't been on it in months.  That one post let my guard down and today something happened on there that controlled my thoughts and emotions ALL DAY.  I mean, seriously when did FACEBOOK become my brain?   Ew.  So to go tonite and see this movie with some of my friends I know on facebook?  Hmmmm.  Miracles are for real.  

It reassured my philosophy of living my social media life OFF line is the ONLY way to survive the written word online.  Being with people in real life is critical for survival in this world!  And I just so happened to get a message from my friend Sharon with Kisses for Kyle that she'd love to help fill seats for me.  I was over the moon.  I mean, who else deserves a night filled with the reminder that miracles can happen than an entire house filled with women and moms who are battling childhood cancers?  SOLD OUT.  

I walked into that theater with my dear friend who lost her mother a couple months ago and a box of tissues.  No joke. lol My sweet neighbor came with a friend and all these incredible women who are connected to Sharon Snyder with Kisses for Kyle were there too.  And I thought to myself - wow - and I almost didn't make this happen.  

A room full of women looking for a reminder to keep the faith in whatever their struggles are. 

Ok.  So technically I'm suppose to tell you what I THOUGHT of the movie.  Clearly my love of Jennifer Garner tells me she can do no wrong.  Her accent was a bit weird but boy was she GREAT at living the southern life.  The movie was lovely.  Truly an inspiration and will fill hearts when it hits theaters next Wednesday.  But you can read the book and the cliff notes to know this based on a true story movie has a happy ending.  

BUT -what you can't see with your own eyes or feel with your own heart is the hope and promise you get sitting next to another woman or friend who may need that faith in that moment.  You two share a box of tissues and make eye contact and you know that this is reality.  This is for real.  These were real life #RealityMoms.  Every single one of them. 

Go see the movie.  Grab a friend with a bruised heart and tell them to invite one too.  And don't forget your box of tissues or you will think your kids were there after you look at your sleeves loaded with tears and snot. HA!  And heck, call me - I'll join you or be your ear after when you process the real life stuff that opened up in you just by watching the movie.

And get off Facebook for crying out loud.  Get in REAL LIFE and GO TO THE THEATERS when #MiraclesFromHeaven hits theaters next Wednesday March 16th!