The biggest Just Between Friends Consignment sale in the country, #JBFPhilly is history!

Just Between Friends Western Mainline (#JBFPhilly) is offically over for 2015.  The tags have been scanned, the shoppers have shopped, the bargains have been had.  

Jolly Jumpers are now being enjoyed by new little monkeys.  Elmos that were sitting alone in a playroom are now feeling the love from some new arms.  Halloween costumes are hanging in new closets waiting for the big day. Some costumes are making their way into dress up bins or already being enjoyed! It's a joy to be a small part of this exchange of happiness!

The breakdown is complete, the hall is back to the empty space we walked into such a short time ago.  It's is mind blowing to think of the logistics of this sale.....over 300,000 items on the floor?  This AMAZING  JBF team will begin again in Lancaster in a couple of weeks. October 15th - 17th. Don't miss that one!!!   I don't know how things run as smoothly as they do!  MIND BLOWING!!!!!

As a consignor I am so thrilled to have sold my clutter and can't wait for my check!!!!   As a volunteer/Team Leader....I am in AWE of owner Tracy Panase and her "team". This woman is amazing.  Hours beyond belief spent at sale, countless roles played throughout the week, numerous people not only to sell to but to manage as volunteers, consignors and vendors.  Can you say full plate?  Actually.....overflowing plate!!!!  She does this ALL with a smile and an extremely positive attitude,  Again, I am in AWE!  I admire and respect this woman with my entire being.

This sale is more than a consignment sale.....I consider it a type of family reunion.  The wonderful people I work with MAKE this the #1 sale in the country, and that doesn't even address the wonderful shoppers I get to meet!!!!  I feel so blessed to be apart of this wonderful event....don't get me wrong.....there are times I am ready to pull my hair out, but my TEAM is there for me and they pull me up!  Way to go Just Between Friends Mainline ....  once again  we rocked it!

~ Ellie, Mom of Ava & #JBFPhilly extraordinaire