Are you ready for the biggest/best consignment sale around?  Real Mom Media is even setting up a craft corner to entertain you and your kids this week while the Pope is in town!  Friday September 25 from 11a-1p to enjoy!

Western Mainline Fall/Winter (Oaks) Sales Event: September 24-27. I have been consigning and shopping this amazing sale for over four years!  I wish I had known about it earlier!  So I am writing to let you know how you can join the fun.  When I am working the sale, I am always wearing a shirt that says, "Shop, Sell, Save, Smart".  As I am writing to inform others about this amazing sale.....let's focus on those 4 powerful words!

Shop!  This is where I really wish I had known about this amazing sale earlier.  I could have saved a ton on baby items for Ava. I bought every piece of baby equipment, toys and clothing at retail prices!!!!   UGH!!! If I had shopped SMART at JBF ....I  could  have saved a lot of money.....I mean a ton!  Did you know  that SAFETY is our #1 priority at JBF?

 Just Between Friends Western Mainline is literally a sea of savings!  From strollers, cars seats, every type of the toy under the sun, and  CLOTHING....oh...the CLOTHES!!!!  JBF even sells Maternity Clothing.  

Looking for a specific size or style? SHOP EARLY!  Check out Just Between Friends Shop page to see how you can be the first to shop this legendary sale.   First time parent or grandparent.....Volunteer & more!  Many ways to save!  Another reason to volunteer ....Team Members who complete a 4 hour shift earn 70% profit on all their sold items!!!!!

Sell!!!!!    If you are anything like have a closet or two full of outgrown clothes and toys.


I admit it!  I kept everything Ava had ever worn.  I had lent some out to a friend, but they always came back.  This was an emotional hold that I had....trying to keep her a baby by holding on to her onesies?????  Then one day as I was putting Ava on the bus for kindergarten a good friend told me about Just Between Friends.  I would love to say I jumped on board immediately, but of course I can't!  It took some soul searching and then I realized what I had to do.  Plus, four and 1/2 years of clothes were...ummm....taking over!!!!

So, my friend gave me basic steps to consigning at this amazing sale.  In lieu of my friend .... I would like to help you if you are in any way like me.  You can let go.... and make some CASH while doing it!!!!

The Just Between Friends website has everything you need to know from registering, to tagging, to drop off and beyond.  Let me give you some insights into the world of trading your treasures for some serious cash!

Go to Western Mainline Just Between Friends main webpage and register as a consignor.  You can also register as a shopper, first time parent, volunteer ....etc.   Get yourself registered (don't forget to sign up as a volunteer....for extra benefits)   Now, hit your closets, basements, playrooms and anywhere your hidden treasures may be hiding?!   For clothing and shoes you will want to gather supplies to start tagging. Once again Tracy, the wonderful owner of this sale has made it easy peasy on you.  She has tagging videos, first time mentors, calendar of events and even tagging supply sales!  TONS of stuff to sell but NO time....we have you covered with valet tagging.  

Once you have finished tagging you will be dropping off your stuff at the Expo Center in Oaks...Hall A.  There is an inspection process so make sure all clothing and shoes are in good used shape.  Then all you have to do is place your goodies on the floor and check each night (usually) pretty late to see what has sold.  You have the option when tagging to reduce your items for  the 50% off day and you can also donate unsold items to charity.  It's up to you!  If you do have things that you did not donate or didn't sell.....come back and pick-up on assigned date.  The sale calendar is great for keeping you organized!  I suggest you print out the calendar and keep it handy!!!!


Items at The Western Mainline Just Between Friends sale are 50-90% off retail!  People who are in the know shop this SALE!  There are even youtube videos of people showing off their bargains from the sale.  You will save on everything from strollers, to bottles, to diapers, to Halloween Costumes.....the list is endless!  Don't forget to make your own list of items you want to pick up!  I want to SAVE even more Ellie!!!!   Well, you can!  The sale goes to 50% off on most items on Sunday the 27th.  Any ticket WITHOUT a star is 50% off.  YES!  No star, starting Sunday it's half off!  If the tag has a star it still is a great deal.....but it's the price marked on the tag!

SMART!!!  Well, you have kept reading this post we already know you are SMART!  Western Mainline JBF sale is just the thing to do.  Whether you are selling, shopping, is  SMART !!!!!! At the beginning of my journey with JBF ....I really had no clue what I was doing or what an amazing opportunity I had in front of me.  Now four years later I am so grateful to my neighbor for sharing this gem.  Who will you share this with?   Now a video I love....that gives a great look at JBF in general.  What is JBF?  

Please come out and join us September 24th-27th.....(even earlier if you earn your presale pass)  You will not regret coming and you probably will come more than ONCE!!!!!   Shop, Sell, Save, Smart......That is JBF!!!!