This past weekend I got a last minute random invite to attend a junket for a new movie called Ricki & the Flash!  I was actually in my hometown visiting with my family when I got the invite.  And for the 1st time in forever - I actually was invited to do something non-blogger bash related! lol It was something I LOVED to do when on air.  MOVIE JUNKETS!  And even though I said I was trying to SLOW DOWN (and yes, my husband made it TOTALLY clear to me that I was not slowing down yet! haha) I couldn't pass up the chance to meet Rick Springfield.  


Look, when a former jock who played plenty of Rick Springfield in her heyday gets the opportunity to head off to NYC to HANG with the ever so famous creator of JESSE'S GIRL - I'm IN!!  I was all over that opportunity.   One of my favorite things to do when I first got into the radio space was to do movie junkets!  I LOVED it. Chicago was the best.  I remember meeting Channing Tatum... Oh.. wait - focus Joey.  Back to Ricki! ha

Upon arrival to NYC I met up with a few of my favorite blogging buddies and we headed over to the Sony offices to catch the movie before we interviewed the stars. .  I can't really even begin to tell you what it felt like sitting in that theatre.  It was REALLY surreal.  I mean, think about how many movie stars sat in those seats?  I was nervous that I would get in trouble for taking pics or interrupting the movie!!  I know, right.  So silly.  But I didn't take a pic OF the screen.  Just one of me FACING the screen.  


We got treated to a lovely makeup experience along with some great treats before heading out to dinner.  I got my eyelashes put on - which I am officially obsessed with, thank you Kim Pirella my former NickMomCoHost!  The pic was before the lashes -------> But by the time I got done and we went to dinner at a BBQ joint, I forgot to take a pic!  Then eating BBQ?  All bets were off. ha.  Either way, it was super fun to hang out and get our makeup, lashes & hair done.  

Ricki & the Flash coming to theaters August 7th!  Check back for Minutes with Meryl & Motherhood.